5 Applications The Best Online Education For International Students At Home 

The quarantine period due to the Coronavirus affects all aspects of life. Including, among others, the education system. All students are required to study at home. International students are no exception. Therefore, students must study online. Here are 5 sites the best online education for international students at home. The following explanation :

1. Google For Education 

Google always take a lead to innovate its services. Therefore, to support home learning during the quarantine period, Google for Education is at its top. Every student from around the world can download this from the Play Store. Because of its easy to use features, this application dubbed as one of the best online education for international students 

Like other Google features that use more English.  Therefore, this feature is the choice of international students, because it is easy to operate.

2. Microsoft Office 365

Every international student is accustomed to doing daily schoolwork through Microsoft Office, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word.  Thus, the use of Microsoft Office 365 can facilitate online school work. Students can receive their homework easily and deliver it again to their teachers. 

Teachers can provide homework with cloud systems.  Thus, each task will be saved automatically. So, students can easily access their homework.  This application is quite easy, just by using a school domain you can log in to a Microsoft office 365 account. This feature uses English, so it’s easy to use.

3. Quipper School

Quipper is a special application to facilitate homework.  Learning online is more fun because this platform can display videos live. So students can play videos about subjects that are not understood. Therefore, this application is one of application for the best online education for international students. 

The government fully supports learning activities at home. Therefore, the government provides free access to the use of this application. This application makes easier for students to choose the right online teacher. Especially for international students, where they use everyday language using English. So, they will choose teachers with English well to make communication well. 

4. Zenius

Another application to make learning at home easier, the Zenius application.  Zenius is a website that can facilitate online learning. The curriculum contained in Zenius is a curriculum that is suitable for subjects in school. Especially for international students, the use of this website is very practical.  

The government fully supports learning activities at home.  Thus, accessing this website can be done for free. Thus, the website subscription fees will not burden the student.

 5. Cisco Webex 

Other applications to support learning at home, namely the use of Cisco Webex.  This application is quite effective for home learning activities. Because each student can face to face with their teacher.  Therefore, this application is one of the best applications for the best online education for international students at home. 

Since 2007 for the first launch, this application received a pretty good reception.  Especially at this time, this application supports the ease of learning online at home.  Thus, studying at home becomes more fun.

Those are 5 of the sites the best online education for international students that can support learning activities at home to be more fun. Especially for international students, who interact more using English. Therefore, They certainly need a special site, using the International language or special feature in English for easy operating.