5 Simple Ways On How To Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of the serious diseases that can spend time and money and drains energy and emotions. How to prevent cancer is actually not expensive. You can start by changing some of the habits or lifestyles that you do.

The basis of how to prevent cancer is to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It looks simple but requires a lot of effort and a long process. Apply some of these healthy habits and lifestyles to reduce your risk of getting cancer. Here are 5 ways on how to prevent cancer:

1.     Consume Vegetables and Fruits

If you want to prevent cancer, you must eat vegetables and fruits. Get used to eating vegetables and fruit on the daily diet. You can also consume whole grains and nuts. If you eat all of them, they can prevent cell damage that can lead to cancer cells.

Eat at least 2.5 cups of fruit and vegetables per day. It’s better to eat organic vegetables and fruits. However, organic is not always related to not being given chemical fertilizers. But organic vegetables and fruits also concern how to plant, the media used for farming, and good harvest time.

2.     Protect Yourself From The Sun

Sunlight cannot only make skin look black and dull. But sunlight can also increase the chance of getting skin cancer. One way to prevent skin cancer is to use sunscreen. Sunscreen is a skincare product in the form of lotions, spray, gel, foam, or stick.

Moreover, if you often do outdoor activities, using sunscreen is highly recommended. The minimum SPF that you must use is that it has at least SPF 30. Use it all over your body to face and avoid sun exposure from 10 is to 4 pm.

3.     Vaccinating

Vaccination is not only mandatory for children but can also be followed by adults. Vaccination is one way to prevent liver cancer, cervical cancer, and genital cancer. The vaccination that needs to be followed to avoid the emergence of cancers above is hepatitis B vaccination.

This vaccine is useful for avoiding liver cancer. Meanwhile, HPV vaccination to avoid cervical cancer and genital cancer. Therefore, if you want to do the vaccine, you can consult with your doctor. The doctor will determine when the best time for you to vaccinate.

4.     Do Not Smoke

It is no longer a public secret that smoking can increase the risk of getting cancer. These cancers are like oral cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer, and so on. In addition to smoking, chewing tobacco can also increase the risk of you to have cancer.

How to prevent cancer you have to do is to stop smoking. You also avoid as much as possible inhaling cigarette smoke from people around. This is because passive smokers also have a high chance of getting cancer.

5.     Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

Reducing alcohol consumption can reduce a person’s risk of getting cancer. Cancers that you can get if you consume alcohol are cancers in the digestive organs, throat cancer, and breast cancer. This is because alcohol can damage body tissue and liver.

Men should not consume more than two glasses or cans of alcoholic drinks per day. Meanwhile, women should not consume more than one glass of alcohol or cans of alcoholic drinks.

Those are how to prevent cancer you can do from now on. Try to adopt a healthy lifestyle, do exercise every day, and maintain a healthy diet. The faster you do these five things, it will be better for your health.