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artificial intelligence in marketing examples

Artificial Intelligence In Marketing Examples To Support Business

Artificial intelligence is a technology that simulates human intelligence. Basically, this intelligence teaches computers to collect data to provide the information that a business wants. This is also an innovation for the business world to develop its business for the better. The following are artificial intelligence in marketing examples that you can do for your business.

1. Search Engine

One example of artificial intelligence in marketing is to use a search engine. Google as one of the leading search engines has a machine learning named RankBrain. The learning aims to process search queries into the results you might be looking for. That is why Google can find out what we are looking for.

Google can provide the most relevant search results because it can recognize the natural language that people use. Therefore, Google can provide high-quality information to optimize the user experience. So that search engines like Google can help in marketing.

2. Dynamic Pricing

Discount has indeed become one of the marketing strategies that are powerful enough to attract the attention of consumers. With a discount, the buyer will get a discount but the buyer’s profit will be minimal. One of the artificial intelligence in marketing examples to overcome this problem is using dynamic pricing.

To carry out this strategy, the seller can set prices according to customer profiles, availability, and requests. For this reason, e-commerce websites rarely have discounts. The reason is that the machine can detect when the buyer needs the item.

3. Chatbots

One example of artificial intelligence in marketing is chatbots. This technology can help in providing services to customers. Especially at this time, many people use social media to do business. So many clients or customers who want to ask about the products you offer.

Therefore you must prioritize service to customers so that people’s trust in the business that we run is getting bigger. With the chatbots, the machine will detect general messages from consumers. And we can provide the appropriate answer without having to type it manually repeatedly.

4. Speech Recognition

One of the artificial intelligence in marketing examples is speech recognition. This technology is one type of bot that can recognize your voice. So some bots like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa provide voice recognition.

The purpose of speech recognition is to make it easier for you and your client to search. Therefore, you don’t need to keep your fingers busy to search. So you only need to record your voice then the bot machine will handle it automatically.

5. Business Forecasting

Running a business is not easy so you can do it without careful planning. This happens because of several factors that affect the course of business both now and in the future. Sometimes the existence of business rivals that are difficult to measure, complex and highly correlated can be an obstacle in business success.

Therefore, you can do business forecasting as the use of artificial intelligence in marketing. This technology has a complex set of inputs that can study business patterns today and in the future. So you can do business with careful preparation.

Those are some parts of the existing artificial intelligence in marketing examples. As a businessman, you must be able to compete to survive in this business world. So you can take advantage of this artificial intelligence to help marketing your business.

What to do in panama

Best List On What To Do In Panama You Shouldn’t Miss

Visiting Panama is a matter of pride.  Because not many people are lucky to come to one of the countries in Central America.  Many things you can do in this country. You can explore and do exciting activities in this country. Find out, what to do in Panama, namely:

1. Visit Panama Canal

The first thing to do what to do in Panama is to visit the very famous Panama canal.  The Panama Canal is a canal that connects the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Based on the story that developed that the construction of this canal is very phenomenal, it is suitable to visit the canal which is the inspiration of this Suez canal.  Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture every corner of this canal.

2. Come to the Shopping Center

Countries in the American continent are famous for their shopping centers.  Therefore, if you visit Panama, don’t miss shopping at a shopping center in Panama.

The number of shopping centers that sell various types of merchandise typical of America.  And some of them sell products with authentic American labels.  This certainly gives peace to lovers of brands of products from America.

3. The Typical American Restaurant

What to do in Panama is visiting restaurants in Panama that serve American specialties.  In addition to dining fun, the restaurant has a luxurious architecture typical of American style and instagramable.

After tired of visiting the Panama canal and several shopping centers.  Eating to replenish energy is the right step.  Therefore, it is mandatory to visit several famous restaurants in Panama.  In addition, as a hungry healer can also be a means of science to recognize certain types of food typical of this country.

4. Do Cultural Tours

As one of the countries on the American continent.  Precisely in Central America.  Panama has several cultural tourism destinations.  Recognizing its history until it became the Republic of Panama,  The Republic of Panama was able to stand because of the services of the United States that had liberated it from Colombia.

Based on this history, there are several historic sites in Panama that are cultural tourism.  If you are in Panama, don’t forget to visit these places.  Besides being exciting, it can also increase the knowledge of the history of this country. Especially for those of you who are adventurous.  Exploring these places can treat curiosity.

5. Visiting Interesting Tourist Places In Panama

Do not go home before visiting some of the famous tourist attractions in Panama.  There are many exciting tourist attractions that are a pity to miss. That is one of the best on what to do in Panama.

There are so many exciting tourist attractions in this country.  Besides being cool, it’s also classy.  That is because not everyone can visit Panama.  Therefore, visiting tourist attractions in this country is one of the prestige for some people.

That’s the thing to do what to do in Panama.  Exploring the country is much better than just staying quiet when visiting this country.  Recognizing and exploring this country is one way to treat curiosity for those who are adventurous.

best apps builder software

5 Best Apps Builder Software You Can Try

Building and developing an app needs programming skills and knowledge. Some of them are about the language, the code, platform differences, etc. But those all also need to be supported by a qualified builder software as a tool. So as some references here are the best apps builder software.

1. Android Studio

This software stable release in 2014 after being introduced at Google I/O Conference in 2013. Google is fully supporting Android Studio. To run this software, you need a high specification PC. You need to have a minimum of 3GB RAM and a Core i3 processor. 

As one of the best apps builder software, Android Studio allows you to write, edit, and save your project. Further, you can also access the Android Software Development Kit. By accessing it, you can run the program you build in Android.

2. Xamarin

A developer who uses Xamarin can build a multiplatform application. Xamarin is using C# as the programming language that usually only used to Windows Phone. But this software makes it simpler by enabling only one language for different platforms.

This software can also make the same code programming for different platforms. But you can’t utilize that feature for free. You need to subscribe to the package. There are several packages you can choose. It starts from US$25 per month until US$158 per month.

3. Ionic Framework

HTML5 based, Ionic Framework is a software for developing a mobile app with web technology. By using this software, you don’t need to know about programming language. Just learn how web programming works, it will help you.

Another advantage of the Ionic Framework is that it is open-source software. For the logic implementation, there is Angular that is reported will make it run faster. And for you who like to update about technological development, this is a suitable software. 

A web developer can also use the Ionic Framework to learn about mobile development. It makes it easier for you to build a hybrid app. So, you can build a mobile app by the language that used to a web developer. Nevertheless, the app will be felt like the Native.

There are also complete UI components to help you make a display. And in the documentation page, there is a preview. So you can see the component you have used.

4. Apache Cordova

Started as PhoneGap, this software than released as Apache Cordova. It is using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript as the programming language. As open-source software, there always many developers who will develop Apache Cordova.

The advantage of this software is you can set the app interface easily. You can also simply arrange the icons and the other images in this software.

5. Eclipse

This multiplatform builder software can build a web or desktop-based app. Besides, it can also use to build an android app. Eclipse supports any programming language such as C and Python, with Java as the main language.

This software is more suitable to be used by you who has understood about a program’s concept. It is because the plugins in Eclipse is not too complete. Even though, the process won’t load the system too much.

Those are the 5 best apps builder software you must try. Keep develop new apps with great usability to help people explore the world easier.

best food for getting pregnant

The Best Food For Getting Pregnant To Consume

Being pregnant is every women’s dream. For some couples, they do not need to wait too long to get pregnant. However, there are also other couples that need to wait months until years. There are many methods to help a woman to get pregnant. Before checking up to the doctor, couples could try on some other tips. For example, drinking herbal and eating the best food for getting pregnant.

best food for getting pregnant

The food is not only for women to consume but also for men as well. The best food for getting pregnant would contain ingredients that would help to increase fertility. Whether for women and for men. Here is a list of foods that people could try to increase their fertility and get pregnant fast.

1. Meat

There are many functions of eating meat. One of them is that it could increase fertility. However, not all kinds of meats could help. The meat types that people could use are low-fat beef meat and chicken meat. From consuming this meat as well, couples would also get enough protein and iron. However, do not consume it too much. A study proved that too much meat could even decrease the quality of fertility.

2. Tempe, Tofu, and Peas

The other best food for getting pregnant are tempeh, tofu, and peas. This could be alternatives for couples who vegetarian. These foods are cheaper and have lower fat. Moreover, people could also maintain their weight by eating these foods. Besides that, people could also eat soy milk and spinach as well.

3. Fish

Another ingredient that couples should eat is food that contains Omega 3 fatty acids. These ingredients could be found in fishes. Starting from salmon, sardines, and catfish. However, the suggestable portion for people to eat fish is 12ons per week. This is an alternative for people who are afraid to get mercury from the fish. As another option for omega 3 fatty acids, people could also eat eggs and almonds.

4. Milk and Its Process Products

The next best food for getting pregnant is products that are processed from milk. For example, yogurt, cheese, and others. These foods contain ingredients that could help a woman to get pregnant quickly. However, a woman should choose the products that are low-fat or if it could, free fat. Furthermore, a woman could also drink milk, as it is the main ingredient of the product. Remember, the milk is pure cow milk. Not the ones with various flavors.

5. Oyster

Oysters could also help couples to add their fertility. It is because it contains zinc. Especially for women, it could help to smoothen menstruation and produce more women’s eggs. However, since oyster is also categorized as seafood, there are other options for foods with zinc. Starting from egg yolks, sesame seeds, garlic, and beef livers. Try to often eat these foods especially for women.

Eating the best foods for getting pregnant would not only increase the opportunity to have a baby. But also, it could help to keep maintaining the body’s health. Furthermore, couples should also avoid raw foods and caffeine.

Countries with best economy

Top 3 Countries With Best Economy In The World

Changes in the economic cycle do affect the economy throughout the world. However, to note that this top economy does not seem to be affected easily from the position it currently occupies. The following is a list of the countries with best economy in the world.

Countries with best economy

1. United States of America

The first from the list of countries with best economy is the United States of America still leads in the first position with a nominal GDP of $19.39 trillion. The United States has occupied the highest position in the world economy since 1871. Which made it known as an economic superpower.

Almost a quarter of the global economy is caused by the United States economy alone covers. Supported by sophisticated infrastructure and technology and abundant natural resources.

President Donald Trump’s economic policies with the tagline Make America Great Again seem to be able to improve the country’s economic performance after the 2008 financial crisis. Some of Trump’s policies include making tax cuts on a large scale.

Such as cutting corporate taxes, eliminating real estate taxes, and reducing individual taxes. Another policy is to create 25 million jobs in the manufacturing sector. Then, free trade but still protecting the US industry, one of them by applying import duties for Chinese products by 45%.

2. People’s Republic of China

The GDP is 12.01 trillion owned in China. In the past few decades, China has experienced exponential growth over. In 1980, China ranked 7th as the country with the largest economy with a GDP of $305.35 billion. While the size of the United States at that time was $2.86 trillion.

Starting market reforms in 1978, an average economic growth of 10% per year is owned by the Asian giant. In late years, the rate of economic growth has slowed but remains high compared to other countries. 

China broke the close economic constraints that had plan centrally to evolve into the world’s manufacturing and exporting center. China is famous as the “world factory” because of its enormous manufacturing and export base.

However, over the years, the role of services in the country has gradually increased and manufacturing as a contributor to GDP has declined relatively. The persistence of the Chinese people in trading should be recognized and become a recommendation for those who are successful in their trade.

It is the principle and commitment of the family that makes their trade fly fast. This makes China’s per capita income quite high at 91 thousand USD per year.

Products from China are almost able to control several countries in the world. The intelligence of the Chinese is that, even though many products made are imitation, the quality can still be the same as the original.

3. Japan

The Japanese economy currently has ranked third in terms of nominal GDP, while it slipped to the fourth position when comparing GDP with purchasing power parity (PPP). The economy has faced hard times since 2008 when it first showed symptoms of a recession.

Unconventional stimulus packages combined with subclass bond yields and weak currencies have further strengthened the economy. The economic growth of around 1 percent in 2016 and continues to around 1.2 percent in 2017.

However, it is estimated that it is still below 1 percent over the next five years. Japan’s nominal GDP is $4.84 trillion, GDP (PPP) is $5.42 trillion, and GDP (PPP) per capita is $ 42,860.

That’s the top 3 of countries with best economy in the world. It certainly happens with the strengths of important people in it. Is your country include?

Microgaming Make Two Big Declaration

There have been two consecutive declarations from Microgaming. One is the arrival of the new slot game. The other is the improvement of another slot game. Maybe, the subsequent declaration is all the more intriguing.

The new slot game previously discharged is titled The Great Albini. It has an enchantment topic and can be played at Microgaming on the web gambling clubs like master88 All Slots, Gaming Club and Spin City. The Great Albini has been created by Foxium, one of the free studios only joined to Microgaming. The lucrative images are the entertainer, blade hurler’s objective board, thimble and yellow canary. The wild image shows up just on reels 2 to 5. The Mystery Box Respin highlight is activated when a pile of three Mystery Box images shows up on the center reel. You get various respins to attempt increment the quantity of Mystery Box images. At the point when the element closes, the Great Albini will uncover the one image that will fill in for the Mystery Boxes. A monster 3×3 reward image triggers 12 free twists that are played on a 5×6 reels set. During the element, the Great Albini may mysteriously create his associate Lily a 1×6 vertical wild image with a 2x multiplier on one of the three focus reels. A respin will be granted for each constant winning blend after that with the Lily Wild image secured position.

The subsequent declaration is that Microgaming will commend the fifteenth commemoration of the first Lara Croft marked space titled Tomb Raider with a spin-off. As a matter of fact this will be the third Lara Croft opening. The subsequent one is Secret of the Sword. The new space game is up ’til now untitled. It is being produced for Microgaming by Triple Edge Studios and will be discharged in 2019. Microgaming has uncovered almost no up until this point. The marked opening will highlight Lara Croft “on another mission of uncovering antiquated path and remunerating disclosures” and the players will take an interest in the undertakings through the energizing game play. More data will be discharged by Microgaming at the ICE Totally Gaming 2019 in the principal seven day stretch of February. Ideally the video opening’s title and flashes of the work of art and activity will be in plain view. This occasion is the place Microgaming makes its large declarations.

In the event that you are a player at Microgaming on the web gambling clubs like Roxy Palace, All Slots and Gaming Club then there are acceptable occasions ahead.

Worst education system in the world

Worst Education System In The World, Which is Very Sad

Education is a very important aspect of everyone’s life. This education is the only wealth and the most powerful weapon a person can have to face the real battlefield of life. The following are some of the worst education system in the world.

1. Burkina Faso

The first in the list of the worst education system in the world is Burkina Faso. Unfortunately, children living in this country are not as fortunate as others who have been raised in developed countries with a higher education system. They rarely continue their education and most of them only reach grades 6 or 7 and then stop, the UN reports.

Even more heartbreaking, only less than 50 percent of adults in the country are literate, while the rest cannot even read and write. Fortunately, the government is trying to overcome this problem by making several programs to create change and make improvements in the education sector.

2. Central African Republic

The Central African Republic government is the only one to blame for the country’s poor education system. In fact, the government takes all the responsibility because it does not have sufficient resources for the education system.

The government has completely ignored it, which in turn has caused many other serious problems. Many schools are closed forever, students do not even have basic materials such as books, and teachers are not paid for their efforts.

Therefore, teachers stop doing their work and students stop attending. It is hoped that the Central African government will take some serious steps and fix this problem. Nothing else to save the future of many children who deserve to have a better life.

The government of the Central African Republic has not done much to build resources, one of which is in the framework of managing the education system. This caused several schools to close.

And more worrying, the lack of school equipment such as stationery, books, and teachers who teach do not receive wages. Making education levels very low.

3. Sierra Leone

No wonder why these countries are not developing and strong. Education is the key to success and strength and as long as several countries continue to ignore this important sector, they will always be behind.

Sierra Leone knows a remarkable increase in illiteracy. Many of them choose to drop out of school. Children in this country spend no more than three years in school because half of them end up dropping out of school.

Children go to temporary schools, more than half of them eventually drop out of school. The average Sierra Leone child spends only 3 years in school. Because of the high dropout rate, Sierra Leone has a high level of illiteracy.

4. Burma

Burma has many problems and among them is education. Children in Burma rarely go to school and this is because their parents are barely able to make a living and cannot meet the registration fees imposed by the government.

Therefore, poverty is one of the biggest obstacles and of course. Do not forget to mention the restrictions on unfair access. That has been set by Burma for some ethnic minority groups. Sadly, many children end up dropping out of school in grade 5.

Conflicts that occur in Burma, make the education system in Burma inefficient. Increasing poverty in Burma, as a result, children are very difficult to continue school.

Budget cuts provided by the government have caused registration fees which require parents to pay substantially many times over. Burma has restricted access to education for many ethnic minority groups in the country.

Those are some of the countries with the worst education system in the world. Deserve to be sympathetic to these countries. Many children want to get opportunities for proper education.

Best Destinations in the Philippines to Explore

One of the best countries to visit in Asian is in the Philippines. Not only this country has a great nature to enjoy, but also the cultures are interesting to explore. There are more than 7,000 islands here. Moreover, there are many mountains and tropical places as well. Since there are many beautiful places, visitors might be confused in choosing the best destinations in the Philippines.

The Philippines have great places that would make visitors have a different perspective on Asia. There are many beautiful places that visitors could visit and enjoy with friends, family or even traveling solo. To help visitors to decide on where to, here are the best destinations in the Philippines. The places could be easily reached from Manila and other airports as well.

1. The gorgeous beach in El Nido, Palawan

The first place to visit in the Philippine is the El Nido in Palawan. It is not just a beach, but it has off-shore islands with limestone cliffs. Moreover, it also has secret lagoons and hidden beaches for visitors. To enjoy the blue water and the green hills, visitors need to spend 5-6 hours to reach this place. Even though it might take a quite of time, but the scenery is worth it.

2. The breathtaking Puerto Princesa

One of the best destinations in the Philippine is the Puerto Princesa which is also in Palawan. Visitors must visit the Puerto Princesa Underground River because it is the longest underground river in the Philippine and in the world. Moreover, it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Beside the river, visitors could also enjoy island hopping trips and a tour around the city.

3. Visiting the Vigan historical district

Besides the beautiful nature, visitors could also visit the historic district, the Vigan. Vigan is a combination of Chinese and Spanish culture. There are many things to explore here. Also, there are many spots to sit and enjoy the local culture. Moreover, visitors could enjoy several craftsmen and architecture as well. One of the best spots to enjoy the area is the Bantay Bell Tower.

4. Stopping by in the Capital City, Manila

Manila is one of the best destinations to visit during a trip to the Philippine. It is a city with a non-stop activity in the Philippine. Visitors could try a trip on colorful jeepneys, try the local foods. After that, visitors could also enjoy the Rizal Park, San Agustin Church and the Public Market at Quiapo Church.

5. The unique Sagada

Another best place to visit for visitors is Sagada. Here, visitors could experience a unique trip. There are steep mountains and also high elevations. It would make those who love the outdoor fell in love. There are many hanging coffins that are hidden deep in the mountains, which is one of the main tourists exploring. Moreover, visitors could also hike here with also to Mountain Ampaco and through Echo Valley.

There are many things to explore and enjoy in the Philippine. To reach the best holiday here, visitors could visit these best destinations in the Philippines. For those who have more budgets and more time could add more places to their bucket list. Such as diving in Cebu and take a walk in Baguio.

Things to be Aware When Does Baby Use a Walker Safely

A walker is loved by both side, the parents and the babies. The parents love giving this to the baby because it keeps their child safe while exploring the room. Also, some people believe that it supports motor skill development too. While for the baby, a walker is entertaining. But, as time goes by, some researches said that there is a hazard of a walker. Thus, you need to know what to concern when does baby use a walker.

Since that study appeared, today it has pros and cons among parents in using a walker. The cons side thinks that it is better to let the baby free exploring the house by crawling. They prove that crawling is more effective for walking development. The cons also show a fact that using a walker potentially change the baby’s bone structure. However, there are still lots of babies who get no problem with a walker. See the things below about safety tips when does baby use a walker:

1. Give in the Right Age

One thing for sure you cannot give a walker since they are a newborn. See if their bones are strong enough to use a walker. Don’t be confused, at least when they are able to crawl and stand up by holding something, then you can let them enjoy a walker. It is in about the age of 8 or 9 months. Even some parents give it earlier but you can hold for a while if not really sure.

2. Watch the Surface

A walker is only allowed to use in a flat surface. Your baby will be difficult to move if the surface is not flat. Also, it is not safe to let them on it. Make sure there is no stairs, water bodies, or any down road. The baby cannot see the difference of the surface. They just enjoying move here and there.

3. Be Around the Adult

Even the baby can move by themselves, they still need an adult to watch. Because you never know where they go and grab. The reason why using a walker is not safe due to lack of attention. A baby has a high curiosity. So they probably catch something interest their attention even though it is dangerous.

4. Far From Electricity

Besides, you must rid of the sharpen or hot things, the electricity must be your attention too. A baby loves to play with it because there is a hole. They always want to touch and put their fingers on it. Also, the cable is attractive too. Don’t let them catch them all.

5. Choose the Standard

When you are planning to buy a walker, just ensure the standard and quality. There are lots of brands and models, but they have different quality. Starts from the material, safety feature, and many more. It is better for you to do a little research before going to the store. Don’t just see from the price and the model, the more consideration you make, the surer you give the baby a walker.

When does baby use a walker is a time the baby moves to a higher stage. Just support them and make sure everything is right. For your attention, see the doctor first if your baby has a certain condition. Probably the doctor has a better solution than using a walker to boost their skill.

Oldest Festival in the World that still Exist

A festival does not only attract tourists but it also attracts the local people. Whenever people go traveling, a festival is one of the activities that they must watch. However, it is not only about performance but it is also tradition as well. Some places have festivals as a tradition whether for their religion or their country. The oldest festival in the world is still going on until today.

People do not only celebrate festivals for tradition or religion but also for culture and heritage. People celebrate it at a specific time or also routine. During the festival, people usually meet their whole family, friends, and loved ones. It is one of the moments to gather around and brings happiness and positive vibes to the environment. To know more about it here is the oldest festival in the world:

1. Raksha Bandhan

Hindu is one of the oldest religions on earth. India is a country that most people are religion is Hindu and they have one of the oldest festivals. The festival Raksha Bandhan is a moment to gather the love between siblings. People celebrate it in August, usually on the last day of Shraavana, according to the Hindu Lunar calendar. During this moment, sisters would tie a rakhi on their brother’s wrist. Sisters would pray their bother for happiness and fortune. Brothers would also promise to protect their sister from any harm in the world.

2. The Dragon Boat

Another oldest festival in the world is the dragon boat from China. People celebrate it since 2000 years ago. The dragon boat is held on the fifth month, on the fifth day of the Chinese calendar. This tradition is important because it gives good luck and a happy life to the rest of the year. Not only dragon boats, but people would also eat rice dumpling during the festival

3. Christmas

Christ is the most famous and oldest festival that people know and celebrate. It is the moment of birth of Jesus Christ on 25 December. People would celebrate Christmas with decorating and exchanging gifts. Moreover, at this time people would go to the church to pray. As the following time, people would celebrate the new year also after Christmas.

4. Sterling Renaissance

Another oldest festival in the world is the Sterling Renaissance. It gathers many comedians, jugglers, actors, musicians, illusionists, and other entertainers to perform the crowd. This festival is usually held during the weekend in July and August, during summer school. Kids and elder people would watch and even play together.

5. Diwali Festival

Another Hindu festival that is the Diwali Festival. This festival is the symbol of love and happiness to end the evils. During this moment, people would decorate their houses with flowers and lamps. To show their love and wishes to one they love, people would gift presents of Diwali sweets with dry fruits.

The oldest festival in the world must be preserved. Festivals are important not only it has a great meaning, it also gathers around people together. It could enrich the culture, tradition and the Tribe as well.