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benefits of having pets

The Benefits Of Having Pets, Scientist Research Result

At this time, many people who owned a pet like a cat, dog, snake, or other reptiles. Pet owners have to spend more money on pet food, or health care. Sometimes, the pet needs are more than the owner’s needs. But, there are also many benefits of having pets.

If you asking why the owners taking care of a pet, they probably will not answer because they love animals. They do it because pets can play with them and because of pets’ cuteness. If we see the benefits of having pets from a science view there are some of it.

1. Decreases Stress

While you do funny things with the pet, it can help increase your dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine and serotonin is a hormone that can increase your happiness and also gives you a calm feeling.

The State University of New York found that people who have a pet experienced less stress than the people who didn’t have it. Promises Treatment Centers, as rehabilitates place give recommends to the patients to having a pet. They also allow pets to enter any rehabilitation abilities.

2. Decreases Blood Pressure

Having pets give many advantages to you. For example, pets make the owner happier. A happy soul can make a healthy body as a result. People with many dogs near them have lower blood pressure based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Pets are prooved can decrease stress. While you are in a healthy mind without stress, the blood pressure is also in stable condition. If there is one thing who never cheats on you, it’s your pet.

3. Eases Pain Because of Loneliness

Unlike a toy or other animal, a pet has more meaning. When you love your pet with all the heart, you will have a connection with them. They will also feel what you feel, so you won’t feel lonely again.

However, loneliness caused the same pain as a physical injury. The pet can be “someone” to bother you. You can talk to them, treat them as a true friend, and make more happiness. When you feel like you have no one, a pet is always beside you.

4. Increase Immune System

In a health view, someone who has a pet is also having a better immune system. Why this is happening? A pet can improve a better immune system. As a result, you can be spared from asthma, influenza, and many more.

Research from the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and Public Health, gives a result that if a kid growing up with a cat or dog, they will have a better chance to spared from allergies.

5. Improves mood

One of the benefits of having pets is you have a better mood. Dr. Baker said that the people who have pets are less harried. Besides, they also have more laughter in their life.

Moreover, the Red Army Medical Center uses a dog to the army that coming back from war to help post-traumatic stress disorder. Besides, the veteran who has pets are more able to enter society. They also show a decrease in suicidal cases. It approves that a pet can improve your mood.

There are 5 benefits of having pets. After reading this article, are you getting interested to have one pet? Let’s adopt and take care of it.

How To Work As A Fashion Editorial

5 Tips How To Work As A Fashion Editorial Like An Expert

How-To-Work As A Fashion Editorial

Fashion editor has essential roles for a fashion publication. He or she always be included in every process. It starts from setting the topic, selecting the subject, illustration, curating the visual, until reviewing the articles. Seeing those lots of tasks, a fashion editor must have many skills. If you just begin your career in this profession, then you need to read know how to work as a fashion editorial like a pro.

One thing you have to understand about fashion editorials, all photo shows one story. No matter for the model or the other topic, usually for the feature. Thus, a fashion editor must have journalism skill too. Here is another thing about how to work as a fashion editorial to boost your career:

1. Tons of Ideas

Fashion is not only about clothes or branded stuff. It is how you create a story through accessories, makeup, hair-do, skirts, shoes, and those things. A perfect combination must inspire everyone who sees it. You can be strict with your idealism. But when you face fashion, then you must be flexible along with the concept. That is what people call creativity.

2. Up to Date

Fashion industry relates to many aspects. Whether it is a social issue, economic, politic, also religion. You must be the first person who knows the update. Sometimes you cannot continue the plan because on the contrary on what is happening. Follow as many as trusted and important social media for your reference. Thus, read some news, celebrity gossip, stock exchange update, and anything. The more update, the more insight.

3. Empathy

Having this personality is not only good for your social life. It is also able to boost your work. For example, when you are taking a photoshoot in one spot or for special edition. You cannot make a good result if you don’t imagine how people will look at the picture inside the magazine. Or, when you choose the wardrobe for a special theme. Emphasize your feeling into that situation, the people will get the real values as your purpose.

4. Dressing Well

We think that it is a must-do in every profession. But, as the fashion editor, you have to show a great example in dressing. Don’t compare your taste to the other. What makes it so important is you are the role model. Be who you are, keep your closet tidy, and dress as the situation and place needed.

5. Adapt – Quickly!

As we mentioned above that fashion relates to many aspects, it requires you to adapt fast. You will meet various people from different backgrounds. Be flexible, be liquid, be humble, and be friendly. You need to enlarge your connection to boost your career.

Some people start their journey to be a fashion editor as an assistant first. They have simpler responsibilities. But even though you are the junior, it doesn’t mean you cannot prove your professionality. Thus, practice all tips above about how to work as a fashion editorial like an expert. Your office might consider you to be promoted. Sit at a higher level, then be responsible for more things.

Famous Places In Netherland

5 Famous Places In Netherland You Have To Visit

The Netherland or also known as Holland is a country based on kingdom. Although it’s a small country, there are many famous places in Netherland that tourists must visit when they come here. Holland offers many types of attractions for tourists. This country is famous for its tulips, cheese, and windmills. So, when coming to Holland, places related to them is a must.

1. Alkmaar Market

Cheese is one of the most famous foods in Holland. Each year, the Dutch export millions of cheeses to other countries. The cheeses in Holland are delicious and of course fresh. Despite of many cheese markets in Holland, Alkmaar Cheese Market is one of the must-visits one. This evening cheese market is available every Tuesday & Friday in July- August. Thus, the market is also very special. Here, people can see how trading cheese is. Alkmaar is known as one of the famous places in Netherland, therefore, then it is a must to come and visit this market.

2. Keukenhof

The next popular thing in Holland is a tulip. Anyone who hears the word Netherland will automatically remember tulip. Therefore, come and visit Keukenhof. As the largest public garden in Netherland, tourists can see over 700 varieties of tulips. The tulips are available throughout the years. However, the best time to come is in April and May. Because this is when the flowers are at their best view.

3.  Windmills in Rotterdam

Windmills in Rotterdam is one of the famous places in Netherland tourist must-see. Located in the village of Kinderdjik, these windmills are one of the largest in the Netherland. Normally the windmills are used for draining. To see these attractive windmills, tourists must come in April – October.

4. Kasteel De Haar

As a kingdom country, Holland has many historical castles. Located in Utrecht, Kasteel De Haar is one of the largest castles in the Netherlands. The castle is built on a 250-acre land. It was renovated in the 18th century and it still stands strong until today. Meanwhile, inside the castle, the visitor can see collections of arts from the castle. Every part of the castle is worth to see. The most attractive part of the castle is the garden and the gate. So, everything seems like a fairytale.

5. Van Gogh Museum

Those who love art must visit the Van Gogh Museum in the South of Amsterdam. This museum contains many paintings and arts from a famous artist in Amsterdam. With its modern building, the museum itself is an attraction for architecture. For more reference, try to Zaansa Schans or Anne Frank House. As for those interested in science, can visit the NEMO Science Museum

There are many more famous places in Netherland that tourists must visit. But those mentioned five should be on top of your list. Despite that, you might want to go to somewhere else. Therefore, before executing the visit, make an itinerary of places and foods that you want to try. So, have fun and don’t waste your time. Also, make sure to always be careful and take care of your belonging.

Mae Hong Son Tour

Perfect Destinations For Mae Hong Son Tour You Should Visit

Mae Hong Son is a full-colored province in North Thailand. There are many visitors from the whole world.  This town is small but has a lot of exciting places to visit. While in Mae Hong Son tour, you need more time to explore this city.

This city is surrounded by mountains. As a result, Mae Hong Son is a quiet city with fresh air. When morning comes, the mist is cover this place. Visit this city will be an unforgotten experience for you. There are a lot of things to visit in the Mae Hong Son tour.

1. Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu

This place is a temple located in a high place where you can see the Mae Hong Son landmark. Consequently, you need extra energy to reach this place. The temple is equipped with a golden Buddha statue. You can buy some souvenirs at the local market or buy some coffee in a small cafe.

2. Jong Kham Lake

Located in the center of Mang Hae Son, this is the best place to relax and have a small talk with a cup of coffee. Jong Kham Lake has a wonderful view of a mountain as the main aspect. When the mist covering the mountain, your heart will start to warm and feel the peace as a result.

3. Little Good Things

Doing Mae Hong Son tour will make you feel tired. In conclusion, take a break on Little Good Things will be the best choice for you. Little Good Things is a vegan restaurant that offered a cheap price on healthy food. You also can get a few local souvenirs in this cafe.

4. Wat Chong Kham

Wat Chong Kham is the oldest temple on Mae Hong Son located near the Nong Chong Kham river. The temple is very beautiful as a gold temple you can imagine. When the night comes, the temple is covered with so many lights that make it more beautiful.

5. Walking Street Market

The Mae Hong Son is like other Thai towns who have a Walking Street Market. Also, the market is open in a limited time, only from October to February. There are many things you can get in this market. For example, you can get many variants of a portion of Thai food and local handicrafts from that place.

6. Ban Rak Thai

Ban Rak Thai was a beautiful village with many tea plantations. As a result, people called Ban Rak Thai as Mae Aw or a tea-growing village. It builds with a mudbrick located near the lake. In this place, you can have a chance to tasted so many teas with different variants.

7. Mae Hong Son Living Museum

If you go to Mae Hong Son with limited time, you should go to this museum. You can get many things in this place. Your Mae Hong Son trip will be fulfilled and knowing more about local culture, architecture or history of Mae Hong Son as a result.

Mae Hong Son represented North Thailand’s live. In other words, if you doing a Mae Hong Son tour you just like visit all North Thailand. So, now it is your time to take your bag and do some travel.

biggest cities in the world

The Biggest Cities In The World From Asia

biggest cities in the world

As the largest continent in the world, Asia occupies the first position. On this continent, there are more than 40 countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that the population is very large. As the biggest continent, there are the biggest cities in the world in Asia

The population living on the Asian Continent is around 4 billion people. This is more compared to the population in six other continents. This are some cities with the bigger size from the other city around the world

1. Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s capital city is the biggest cities in the world, based on its population. Every day in Tokyo is a busy day. There are more than 38 million inhabitants there. In the 19th Century, Tokyo was known as Edo.

At that time Edo was not the capital of Japan. The capital of Japan was originally in Kyoto, then moved to Edo. Since 1868, the name has changed to Tokyo or the eastern capital. And now Tokyo is known as the biggest city with its technological sophistication.

2. Delhi, India

The 2nd largest city in the world in Delhi, in India. The city has more than 26 million people. The streets in Delhi are very crowded and filled with public transportation, motorcycles, cars, pedestrians, and traders. There are also pedicabs or freight trains pulled by cows.

Many tourists come to this city because they want to find a uniquely Indian cultural experience. In here, there are many traditional snacks. In Delhi, there are also many fortresses of historical heritage, such as Red Fort, friends.

3. Shanghai, China

Although filled with tall buildings, in Shanghai there is still a thick cultural area. The population in Shanghai is more than 24 million. This city is a city that looks very modern. In Shanghai, there is the second tallest tower in the world.

There are also many famous restaurants in the world. However, like other places in China, there is also an old city that contains buildings and shops typical of China.

4. Mumbai, India

Like Tokyo, Mumbai in the past has another name. Its name is Bombay. The Mumbai population is estimated to reach about 21 million people. There is a very famous building, The Gateway of India. This is a monument built on the harbor at the beginning of the 20th century. This city is the center of Indian Bollywood films.

5. Beijing, China

As one of the largest cities in the world, Beijing ranks 5th. There are many famous buildings in here. There are Forbidden Palace, to the Wall of China. This city is indeed most famous for its very thick Chinese traditions. The city is also inhabited by around 21 million residents, friends.

6. Osaka, Japan

Osaka is one of the largest cities in the world. There are around 20 million people live in Osaka. Osaka is also known as the city of merchants in Japan. The natural scenery in Osaka is very typical of Japan.

There are many rivers and flowering trees. The city is also known as the center of culinary tourism in Japan. As the biggest city in Japan, Osaka also has popularity like Tokyo.

Those are some of the list of the biggest cities in the world. A city is indeed a place to live to continue its life. Large or small areas are not a problem. Because it is only a measure of numbers. And the most important thing is being able to gather with your beloved family.

best app for audiobooks on iphone

The Best App for Audiobooks On iPhone For Free-Download

best app for audiobooks on iphone

Sometimes you want to read a book but have no time. Even for scrolling the screen just to finish the e-book. Well, don’t be worry, there is an app which helps you to continue the story. For iOs users, audiobooks are another way to enjoy a book. Get the best app for audiobooks on iPhone, so you can read anywhere and anytime.

Not all of the audiobooks app is paid. There is a free version too. But surely, you cannot compare this with the paid ones. However, the free-downloaded also has useful features, such as playback speed, sleep timer, bookmarking, and many more. So, here are the best app for audiobooks on iPhone you should try:

1. LibriVox Audiobooks

Are you looking for various story genres? You can find them through LibriVox. It is a free audiobook app that has over 24,000 collections. This makes LibriVox is at high rates. Find your favorite book there and then listen to it. If you want to download the book and listen offline, then you might need a Wi-Fi connection.

LibriVox has the other app special for English literature. The name is English Audio Books – LibriVox. It contains history books, poetry, biography, and many more. This app is free-downloaded too.

2. Free Audiobooks HQ

Another app where you can find the best author is Free Audiobooks HQ. It has over 10,000 collections which can easily access and listen. The user interface is friendly too. You can playback and adjust the speed. If you want more books, then you can upgrade to the premium version. It covers more than 100,000 audiobooks.

3. NeoBook

Get the updated audiobooks from NeoBook. This app regularly adds new edition from many authors. Luckily, you can get it for free. Don’t miss the newest version of your favorite writers. Download and enjoy offline whenever you are. The reason why people choose NeoBook is because of its simplicity.

4. Multi-Path Audio

Multi-Path Audio is the best app for audiobooks on iPhone for the whole family member. It contains lots of kids, teenagers, and adult audiobooks. Tell it your genres, Multi-Path Audio will pick the right story for you. Romance, comedy, pirates, vampires, and whatever, just enjoy them for free. Download the children’s story and listen together in your family quality time.

5. Scribd

Audiobooks are not only about stories. When you are looking for some references, the app is very useful too. Install Scribd, then you will get audiobooks about news, magazines, documents, and many more. The advantage of using this app because of all contents are already curated by professionals, like researchers, experienced editors, or business leader. Also, you can customize the reference based on your interest. This app gives you three books and one audiobook for free every month. For unlimited access, you must do a monthly subscription.

Those are our recommendations for the best app for audiobooks on iPhone. Once again, they are free and contained many collections. No more boring while you are in traffic, on a train, or waiting for someone. This new way to enjoy a book makes your brain improved every day.