The Benefits Of Having Pets, Scientist Research Result

At this time, many people who owned a pet like a cat, dog, snake, or other reptiles. Pet owners have to spend more money on pet food, or health care. Sometimes, the pet needs are more than the owner’s needs. But, there are also many benefits of having pets.

If you asking why the owners taking care of a pet, they probably will not answer because they love animals. They do it because pets can play with them and because of pets’ cuteness. If we see the benefits of having pets from a science view there are some of it.

1. Decreases Stress

While you do funny things with the pet, it can help increase your dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine and serotonin is a hormone that can increase your happiness and also gives you a calm feeling.

The State University of New York found that people who have a pet experienced less stress than the people who didn’t have it. Promises Treatment Centers, as rehabilitates place give recommends to the patients to having a pet. They also allow pets to enter any rehabilitation abilities.

2. Decreases Blood Pressure

Having pets give many advantages to you. For example, pets make the owner happier. A happy soul can make a healthy body as a result. People with many dogs near them have lower blood pressure based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Pets are prooved can decrease stress. While you are in a healthy mind without stress, the blood pressure is also in stable condition. If there is one thing who never cheats on you, it’s your pet.

3. Eases Pain Because of Loneliness

Unlike a toy or other animal, a pet has more meaning. When you love your pet with all the heart, you will have a connection with them. They will also feel what you feel, so you won’t feel lonely again.

However, loneliness caused the same pain as a physical injury. The pet can be “someone” to bother you. You can talk to them, treat them as a true friend, and make more happiness. When you feel like you have no one, a pet is always beside you.

4. Increase Immune System

In a health view, someone who has a pet is also having a better immune system. Why this is happening? A pet can improve a better immune system. As a result, you can be spared from asthma, influenza, and many more.

Research from the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and Public Health, gives a result that if a kid growing up with a cat or dog, they will have a better chance to spared from allergies.

5. Improves mood

One of the benefits of having pets is you have a better mood. Dr. Baker said that the people who have pets are less harried. Besides, they also have more laughter in their life.

Moreover, the Red Army Medical Center uses a dog to the army that coming back from war to help post-traumatic stress disorder. Besides, the veteran who has pets are more able to enter society. They also show a decrease in suicidal cases. It approves that a pet can improve your mood.

There are 5 benefits of having pets. After reading this article, are you getting interested to have one pet? Let’s adopt and take care of it.