The Best App for Audiobooks On iPhone For Free-Download

best app for audiobooks on iphone

Sometimes you want to read a book but have no time. Even for scrolling the screen just to finish the e-book. Well, don’t be worry, there is an app which helps you to continue the story. For iOs users, audiobooks are another way to enjoy a book. Get the best app for audiobooks on iPhone, so you can read anywhere and anytime.

Not all of the audiobooks app is paid. There is a free version too. But surely, you cannot compare this with the paid ones. However, the free-downloaded also has useful features, such as playback speed, sleep timer, bookmarking, and many more. So, here are the best app for audiobooks on iPhone you should try:

1. LibriVox Audiobooks

Are you looking for various story genres? You can find them through LibriVox. It is a free audiobook app that has over 24,000 collections. This makes LibriVox is at high rates. Find your favorite book there and then listen to it. If you want to download the book and listen offline, then you might need a Wi-Fi connection.

LibriVox has the other app special for English literature. The name is English Audio Books – LibriVox. It contains history books, poetry, biography, and many more. This app is free-downloaded too.

2. Free Audiobooks HQ

Another app where you can find the best author is Free Audiobooks HQ. It has over 10,000 collections which can easily access and listen. The user interface is friendly too. You can playback and adjust the speed. If you want more books, then you can upgrade to the premium version. It covers more than 100,000 audiobooks.

3. NeoBook

Get the updated audiobooks from NeoBook. This app regularly adds new edition from many authors. Luckily, you can get it for free. Don’t miss the newest version of your favorite writers. Download and enjoy offline whenever you are. The reason why people choose NeoBook is because of its simplicity.

4. Multi-Path Audio

Multi-Path Audio is the best app for audiobooks on iPhone for the whole family member. It contains lots of kids, teenagers, and adult audiobooks. Tell it your genres, Multi-Path Audio will pick the right story for you. Romance, comedy, pirates, vampires, and whatever, just enjoy them for free. Download the children’s story and listen together in your family quality time.

5. Scribd

Audiobooks are not only about stories. When you are looking for some references, the app is very useful too. Install Scribd, then you will get audiobooks about news, magazines, documents, and many more. The advantage of using this app because of all contents are already curated by professionals, like researchers, experienced editors, or business leader. Also, you can customize the reference based on your interest. This app gives you three books and one audiobook for free every month. For unlimited access, you must do a monthly subscription.

Those are our recommendations for the best app for audiobooks on iPhone. Once again, they are free and contained many collections. No more boring while you are in traffic, on a train, or waiting for someone. This new way to enjoy a book makes your brain improved every day.