artificial intelligence in marketing examples

Artificial Intelligence In Marketing Examples To Support Business

Artificial intelligence is a technology that simulates human intelligence. Basically, this intelligence teaches computers to collect data to provide the information that a business wants. This is also an innovation for the business world to develop its business for the better. The following are artificial intelligence in marketing examples that you can do for your business.

1. Search Engine

One example of artificial intelligence in marketing is to use a search engine. Google as one of the leading search engines has a machine learning named RankBrain. The learning aims to process search queries into the results you might be looking for. That is why Google can find out what we are looking for.

Google can provide the most relevant search results because it can recognize the natural language that people use. Therefore, Google can provide high-quality information to optimize the user experience. So that search engines like Google can help in marketing.

2. Dynamic Pricing

Discount has indeed become one of the marketing strategies that are powerful enough to attract the attention of consumers. With a discount, the buyer will get a discount but the buyer’s profit will be minimal. One of the artificial intelligence in marketing examples to overcome this problem is using dynamic pricing.

To carry out this strategy, the seller can set prices according to customer profiles, availability, and requests. For this reason, e-commerce websites rarely have discounts. The reason is that the machine can detect when the buyer needs the item.

3. Chatbots

One example of artificial intelligence in marketing is chatbots. This technology can help in providing services to customers. Especially at this time, many people use social media to do business. So many clients or customers who want to ask about the products you offer.

Therefore you must prioritize service to customers so that people’s trust in the business that we run is getting bigger. With the chatbots, the machine will detect general messages from consumers. And we can provide the appropriate answer without having to type it manually repeatedly.

4. Speech Recognition

One of the artificial intelligence in marketing examples is speech recognition. This technology is one type of bot that can recognize your voice. So some bots like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa provide voice recognition.

The purpose of speech recognition is to make it easier for you and your client to search. Therefore, you don’t need to keep your fingers busy to search. So you only need to record your voice then the bot machine will handle it automatically.

5. Business Forecasting

Running a business is not easy so you can do it without careful planning. This happens because of several factors that affect the course of business both now and in the future. Sometimes the existence of business rivals that are difficult to measure, complex and highly correlated can be an obstacle in business success.

Therefore, you can do business forecasting as the use of artificial intelligence in marketing. This technology has a complex set of inputs that can study business patterns today and in the future. So you can do business with careful preparation.

Those are some parts of the existing artificial intelligence in marketing examples. As a businessman, you must be able to compete to survive in this business world. So you can take advantage of this artificial intelligence to help marketing your business.

best apps builder software

5 Best Apps Builder Software You Can Try

Building and developing an app needs programming skills and knowledge. Some of them are about the language, the code, platform differences, etc. But those all also need to be supported by a qualified builder software as a tool. So as some references here are the best apps builder software.

1. Android Studio

This software stable release in 2014 after being introduced at Google I/O Conference in 2013. Google is fully supporting Android Studio. To run this software, you need a high specification PC. You need to have a minimum of 3GB RAM and a Core i3 processor. 

As one of the best apps builder software, Android Studio allows you to write, edit, and save your project. Further, you can also access the Android Software Development Kit. By accessing it, you can run the program you build in Android.

2. Xamarin

A developer who uses Xamarin can build a multiplatform application. Xamarin is using C# as the programming language that usually only used to Windows Phone. But this software makes it simpler by enabling only one language for different platforms.

This software can also make the same code programming for different platforms. But you can’t utilize that feature for free. You need to subscribe to the package. There are several packages you can choose. It starts from US$25 per month until US$158 per month.

3. Ionic Framework

HTML5 based, Ionic Framework is a software for developing a mobile app with web technology. By using this software, you don’t need to know about programming language. Just learn how web programming works, it will help you.

Another advantage of the Ionic Framework is that it is open-source software. For the logic implementation, there is Angular that is reported will make it run faster. And for you who like to update about technological development, this is a suitable software. 

A web developer can also use the Ionic Framework to learn about mobile development. It makes it easier for you to build a hybrid app. So, you can build a mobile app by the language that used to a web developer. Nevertheless, the app will be felt like the Native.

There are also complete UI components to help you make a display. And in the documentation page, there is a preview. So you can see the component you have used.

4. Apache Cordova

Started as PhoneGap, this software than released as Apache Cordova. It is using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript as the programming language. As open-source software, there always many developers who will develop Apache Cordova.

The advantage of this software is you can set the app interface easily. You can also simply arrange the icons and the other images in this software.

5. Eclipse

This multiplatform builder software can build a web or desktop-based app. Besides, it can also use to build an android app. Eclipse supports any programming language such as C and Python, with Java as the main language.

This software is more suitable to be used by you who has understood about a program’s concept. It is because the plugins in Eclipse is not too complete. Even though, the process won’t load the system too much.

Those are the 5 best apps builder software you must try. Keep develop new apps with great usability to help people explore the world easier.

5 Best Methods On How To Fix Corrupted SD Card On Android Without Computer

Corrupted SD cards sometimes make you feel so upset. It is because a lot of important data is certainly stored on it. If you want to repair it, you can read about how to fix corrupted SD card on Android without computer.

Even if you don’t use a computer, you can still repair your SD card. There are many factors that cause your SD card to corrupt. Therefore, you better know why your SD card is unreadable. Here are 5 methods on how to fix corrupted SD card on Android without computer:

1.     Clean Your SD Card

If your SD card is corrupt, the first step you can take is to clean the connector on the SD Card. This way you can also repair the SD card without the need to format it. Remove the SD card from the Android device that you have.

Then, clean the copper plate (yellowish color) which functions as a connector with an eraser or cotton bud. Rub gently until clean. If so, put it back in the gadget and make sure the SD card can work properly

2.     Format SD Card on Android

If after cleaning it’s still an error, try formatting your memory card. The method is you can enter the Settings menu and select Storage. You can scroll down and you will find the SD Card Erase option.

Click the option and wait until the process is complete. Once finished, you can try to access the memory card again. If the storage is empty, the memory card has been successfully formatted.

3.     Check Using Another Android Mobile

You can find out which element is actually corrupted, whether the memory card or memory slot on your cellphone. The trick is to use move your SD card to another Android phone. You can remove your SD card in and insert the memory card in another mobile phone.

Then, your SD card can detect whether your SD card has an error. If there is no error detection, it means that the memory slot on your mobile is having problems. However, if the memory card has an error, it means that your SD card is having problems.

4.     Look At The SD Card Position

A corrupt SD card is annoying, especially if there is a lot of important data in it. But you do not panic, this could happen because the position of your SD card is not right. Try checking the position, whether you have put the memory card properly.

Do not let you install it deviated (tilted) or lifted up. Turn off your android smartphone and install the memory card in the right position. Hopefully, with this easy method, your SD card will be able to run properly.

5.     Do A Factory Reset

If your memory card is corrupted, the problem may be on your Android. Try doing a factory reset so that later all configurations and settings return to the beginning. So, this step is like you just used a new android phone. Open the Settings Menu and click Additional settings.

Select Backup and Reset and click Delete Application Data and Uninstallable Application. This method you can do if your cellphone uses the Android Lollipop v5.1.1 operating system. If you use a Smartphone with a different system, you can adjust the method yourself.

Now you know how to fix corrupted SD card on Android without computer. So, you don’t need to panic if your SD card is corrupt but you don’t have a computer. However, you can still repair your SD card.

5 Steps on How Does Amazon Alexa Works That Will Amaze You

Now many smart household appliances have been sold. You can certainly configure this equipment with other devices to work optimally. For example, you can use voice commands so that the device can turn on by itself. Have you ever been curious about how does Amazon Alexa works?

It is one of the most sophisticated devices and can process your voice commands. Then, you can easily operate many household appliances using this technology. Let’s see how does Amazon Alexa works that will amaze you:

1.     Users Send Voice Commands to The Echo Device

Alexa works when getting voice commands from users. However, the voice command cannot be processed without a device that can receive voice commands. The device that can accept user voice commands and is compatible with it is Echo.

When you send a voice command, it will receive your voice command. it will also take user instructions. Furthermore, Amazon is also famous for being able to take user instructions from smart devices. For example, cellphones and other smart household appliances.

2.     Echo Device Processes Voice Commands Signals

The next step is echo processing your command signal. This process must occur because a device will identify the sound. Especially, if the source of the sound is far away or a lot of noise around. This device must be able to distinguish fake signals from your command signals.

In addition, this device must be able to take voice commands properly to process the signal. One way to reduce interference is to use a microphone and reduce other interference sounds.

3.     Alexa Receives a Voice Commands

This stage requires Alexa’s ability. So, the Echo device no longer functions in this step. This is because after the device has processed your voice command, the device will send it to Alexa. Then, it will process it with the Alexa Voice Service.

This service is usually already configured around it. In addition, this service has a function in understanding human language. This service can also complete complex voice commands with sophisticated computing. Therefore, you can call this service as Alexa’s brain.

4.     Alexa Processes Voice Command on The Alexa Voice Service

At this stage, it starts processing user voice commands using the Alexa Voice Service. For example, it will be able to issue an appropriate response in accordance with the user’s command.

Initially, this skill will be very basic. However, if it receives many voice commands, later it will have sophisticated expertise. So, it will quickly process and respond to user voice commands.

5.     Cloud Device Sends Response Command Signals to Other Devices

The final step in how does Amazon Alexa works is related to Cloud Devices. This device will accept input from the Alexa Voice Service. Then, it sends a response command signal to another device. Surely it is already connected online with the device cloud.

If it is not connected, then no response occurs. The action is certainly in accordance with the user’s command. For example, if the user commands to turn on the television. Then, the response from the command is that the television will turn on by itself.

So, those are how does Amazon Alexa works you need to know. Now you do not need to wonder why it works so sophisticated. Are you keen to install these devices in your home?

best phone applications you might want to try

Best Phone Applications You Might Want to Try On Android For Your Kids Entertainment

Since it was launched, Android attracted the market massively. Today most people, like a parent, a student, or even a toddler, use this smartphone. Android with the Google Play Store offers you various useful apps. Not only to communicate, but also to work, learn something new, and find an entertainment. In this article, you will find the best phone applications you might want to try for the kids. It is interesting because as time goes by many app developers concern about children development.

best phone applications you might want to try

The entertainment for kids is not only about the games. All things related to the kids must give them value. Whether education, morals, or anything. The best phone applications you might want to try below are mostly installed by parents. The kids love it too. So, you don’t have to really worry when your kids hold the phone:

1. YouTube Kids

It is a must-have app for every parent. YouTube Kids is different from YouTube as you knew before. The content is very specific for kids. Then, you don’t need to watch your kids all the time while they are seeing YouTube Kids. The contents are about music, educational tips, and short movies.

2. Moose Math

The kids usually love to count. It is funny when listening to their count randomly. Let them practice in a fun way by using the Moose Math app. The visualization is very attractive. There are colorful fruits, smoothies, and everything is in the bar. Let your kids be a chef by completing the receipt. however, your kids will not realize that they are learning math at the same time.

3. Lego City

For every kid who loves Lego after watching the movie, then playing Lego City will be so much fun. It is not a game as you might think. By playing Lego City, your kids’ spatial skill is trained too. Your kids must build up the city, rescue citizens, and capture criminals. Furthermore, they can modify the vehicle, so you can see their creativity.

4. Toca Hair Salon

Let your daughter express her talent. Toca Hair Salon is a virtual playset, so your kids can play style and customize the hairstyles. Your kids will act like the salon owner and serve the customers. It is like doing salon in real life. Coloring, cutting, and curling are just pieces of features.

5. Dr. Seuss Collection

This is the best phone applications you might want to try for your kids. Because this app gives you many children kinds of literature. Full of an imaginative illustration, the language is easy to follow. That what makes Dr. Seuss Collection app is interesting. Furthermore, enjoy voice narration and vocabulary tools in a recording.

Your kids might be bored with the apps. Thus, you have to explore more about the entraining apps for them. Don’t make them use and access the app that they shouldn’t try. Once they are trapped with the not proper app, it will be very difficult to separate them. Finally, find more the best phone applications you might want to try as the time they grow.

best places to work for women in technology

5 Best Places to Work for Women in Technology This Year

best places to work for women in technology

Generally, workers who work in technology are male. Therefore, not many technology companies have a woman-friendly environment. However, from the many technology companies, there are the best places to work for women in technology.

Many women choose a career in technology nowadays because technology is very rapidly developing. Unfortunately, there are still few places to work for women that make them work comfortably. If you are interested in working in the field of technology, the following are the best companies for you:

1. Ultimate Software

The company has a focus on making cloud-based human resources software. This company is a suitable place for women in the field of technology. Most of the employees in this company are women.

They are spread from new employees to top management. In this company, there are the brand’s Women in Leadership group. This group has a campaign about equality, respect, and the inclusiveness of women who are in the workplace.

2. Intuit

This company provides much well known financial software. They help small businesses and consumers to manage finances better through the software they make. Moreover, the company believes that by having many women employees, they have a diversity of customers.

The company has The Tech Women to empower women who have an interest in technology. In addition, they also encourage women with technological talent to join them. That is why Intuit is one of the best places to work for women in technology.

3. Salesforce

This company is well known for the value of companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion. They assume that with diversity in the company, the company will become more successful. The chief of this company also believes that diversity and inclusion will be able to create new products and markets.

This company has no salary difference between women and men. Moreover, they will try not to have a gender gap in the company. They also have training on a bias to encourage equality in their offices.

4. Accenture

This company is a global management consulting company that 50 percent of the workers are women. They are committed to employing women as their employees by always recruiting, developing and promoting woman employees.

Moreover, they also have coached so that women can reach the executive level and have high achievements. This company wants that the environment is very human. Therefore, they always equalize gender in the workplace.

5. IBM

IBM is a well-known technology company and is one of the companies that prioritize diversity. They believe that diversity can improve the economy of their company. Their ever-winning award as the best company proves this for women in the field of technology.

IBM has attractive company regulations, for example, they offer fee changes for couples that want to adopt children and they allow their employees to pick up school children with flexible time. Especially for nursing mothers, they get services such as sending milk to the home.

Now you know about 5 best places to work for women in technology of this year. The company has regulations and training that support the advancement of women. Hopefully, all technology companies have a friendly environment for women workers.

best app for audiobooks on iphone

The Best App for Audiobooks On iPhone For Free-Download

best app for audiobooks on iphone

Sometimes you want to read a book but have no time. Even for scrolling the screen just to finish the e-book. Well, don’t be worry, there is an app which helps you to continue the story. For iOs users, audiobooks are another way to enjoy a book. Get the best app for audiobooks on iPhone, so you can read anywhere and anytime.

Not all of the audiobooks app is paid. There is a free version too. But surely, you cannot compare this with the paid ones. However, the free-downloaded also has useful features, such as playback speed, sleep timer, bookmarking, and many more. So, here are the best app for audiobooks on iPhone you should try:

1. LibriVox Audiobooks

Are you looking for various story genres? You can find them through LibriVox. It is a free audiobook app that has over 24,000 collections. This makes LibriVox is at high rates. Find your favorite book there and then listen to it. If you want to download the book and listen offline, then you might need a Wi-Fi connection.

LibriVox has the other app special for English literature. The name is English Audio Books – LibriVox. It contains history books, poetry, biography, and many more. This app is free-downloaded too.

2. Free Audiobooks HQ

Another app where you can find the best author is Free Audiobooks HQ. It has over 10,000 collections which can easily access and listen. The user interface is friendly too. You can playback and adjust the speed. If you want more books, then you can upgrade to the premium version. It covers more than 100,000 audiobooks.

3. NeoBook

Get the updated audiobooks from NeoBook. This app regularly adds new edition from many authors. Luckily, you can get it for free. Don’t miss the newest version of your favorite writers. Download and enjoy offline whenever you are. The reason why people choose NeoBook is because of its simplicity.

4. Multi-Path Audio

Multi-Path Audio is the best app for audiobooks on iPhone for the whole family member. It contains lots of kids, teenagers, and adult audiobooks. Tell it your genres, Multi-Path Audio will pick the right story for you. Romance, comedy, pirates, vampires, and whatever, just enjoy them for free. Download the children’s story and listen together in your family quality time.

5. Scribd

Audiobooks are not only about stories. When you are looking for some references, the app is very useful too. Install Scribd, then you will get audiobooks about news, magazines, documents, and many more. The advantage of using this app because of all contents are already curated by professionals, like researchers, experienced editors, or business leader. Also, you can customize the reference based on your interest. This app gives you three books and one audiobook for free every month. For unlimited access, you must do a monthly subscription.

Those are our recommendations for the best app for audiobooks on iPhone. Once again, they are free and contained many collections. No more boring while you are in traffic, on a train, or waiting for someone. This new way to enjoy a book makes your brain improved every day.