What to do in panama

Best List On What To Do In Panama You Shouldn’t Miss

Visiting Panama is a matter of pride.  Because not many people are lucky to come to one of the countries in Central America.  Many things you can do in this country. You can explore and do exciting activities in this country. Find out, what to do in Panama, namely:

1. Visit Panama Canal

The first thing to do what to do in Panama is to visit the very famous Panama canal.  The Panama Canal is a canal that connects the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Based on the story that developed that the construction of this canal is very phenomenal, it is suitable to visit the canal which is the inspiration of this Suez canal.  Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture every corner of this canal.

2. Come to the Shopping Center

Countries in the American continent are famous for their shopping centers.  Therefore, if you visit Panama, don’t miss shopping at a shopping center in Panama.

The number of shopping centers that sell various types of merchandise typical of America.  And some of them sell products with authentic American labels.  This certainly gives peace to lovers of brands of products from America.

3. The Typical American Restaurant

What to do in Panama is visiting restaurants in Panama that serve American specialties.  In addition to dining fun, the restaurant has a luxurious architecture typical of American style and instagramable.

After tired of visiting the Panama canal and several shopping centers.  Eating to replenish energy is the right step.  Therefore, it is mandatory to visit several famous restaurants in Panama.  In addition, as a hungry healer can also be a means of science to recognize certain types of food typical of this country.

4. Do Cultural Tours

As one of the countries on the American continent.  Precisely in Central America.  Panama has several cultural tourism destinations.  Recognizing its history until it became the Republic of Panama,  The Republic of Panama was able to stand because of the services of the United States that had liberated it from Colombia.

Based on this history, there are several historic sites in Panama that are cultural tourism.  If you are in Panama, don’t forget to visit these places.  Besides being exciting, it can also increase the knowledge of the history of this country. Especially for those of you who are adventurous.  Exploring these places can treat curiosity.

5. Visiting Interesting Tourist Places In Panama

Do not go home before visiting some of the famous tourist attractions in Panama.  There are many exciting tourist attractions that are a pity to miss. That is one of the best on what to do in Panama.

There are so many exciting tourist attractions in this country.  Besides being cool, it’s also classy.  That is because not everyone can visit Panama.  Therefore, visiting tourist attractions in this country is one of the prestige for some people.

That’s the thing to do what to do in Panama.  Exploring the country is much better than just staying quiet when visiting this country.  Recognizing and exploring this country is one way to treat curiosity for those who are adventurous.

Best Destinations in the Philippines to Explore

One of the best countries to visit in Asian is in the Philippines. Not only this country has a great nature to enjoy, but also the cultures are interesting to explore. There are more than 7,000 islands here. Moreover, there are many mountains and tropical places as well. Since there are many beautiful places, visitors might be confused in choosing the best destinations in the Philippines.

The Philippines have great places that would make visitors have a different perspective on Asia. There are many beautiful places that visitors could visit and enjoy with friends, family or even traveling solo. To help visitors to decide on where to, here are the best destinations in the Philippines. The places could be easily reached from Manila and other airports as well.

1. The gorgeous beach in El Nido, Palawan

The first place to visit in the Philippine is the El Nido in Palawan. It is not just a beach, but it has off-shore islands with limestone cliffs. Moreover, it also has secret lagoons and hidden beaches for visitors. To enjoy the blue water and the green hills, visitors need to spend 5-6 hours to reach this place. Even though it might take a quite of time, but the scenery is worth it.

2. The breathtaking Puerto Princesa

One of the best destinations in the Philippine is the Puerto Princesa which is also in Palawan. Visitors must visit the Puerto Princesa Underground River because it is the longest underground river in the Philippine and in the world. Moreover, it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Beside the river, visitors could also enjoy island hopping trips and a tour around the city.

3. Visiting the Vigan historical district

Besides the beautiful nature, visitors could also visit the historic district, the Vigan. Vigan is a combination of Chinese and Spanish culture. There are many things to explore here. Also, there are many spots to sit and enjoy the local culture. Moreover, visitors could enjoy several craftsmen and architecture as well. One of the best spots to enjoy the area is the Bantay Bell Tower.

4. Stopping by in the Capital City, Manila

Manila is one of the best destinations to visit during a trip to the Philippine. It is a city with a non-stop activity in the Philippine. Visitors could try a trip on colorful jeepneys, try the local foods. After that, visitors could also enjoy the Rizal Park, San Agustin Church and the Public Market at Quiapo Church.

5. The unique Sagada

Another best place to visit for visitors is Sagada. Here, visitors could experience a unique trip. There are steep mountains and also high elevations. It would make those who love the outdoor fell in love. There are many hanging coffins that are hidden deep in the mountains, which is one of the main tourists exploring. Moreover, visitors could also hike here with also to Mountain Ampaco and through Echo Valley.

There are many things to explore and enjoy in the Philippine. To reach the best holiday here, visitors could visit these best destinations in the Philippines. For those who have more budgets and more time could add more places to their bucket list. Such as diving in Cebu and take a walk in Baguio.

Unbelievable! This is Some Best Spots for Summer Vacation You Should Visit

Summer has come again and it’s time to get some vacation! This is the right time for you to play hard after working hard in winter. You can visit so many best spots for summer vacation.

Most people likely trip to some places with water when summer. However, you can go to other destinations because now, many flights are open wide for the traveler. Enjoy sunbathing in the days, swimming or just play with water, and ending up with some parties on the night will be the best thing to do.

Wondering which place will be the best spots for summer vacation because there are available many? We try to write down some of the best spots you can choose to enjoy your summer vacation.

1. Hawaii

Hawaii as the most popular destination is in the first place for your summer vacation. You must be thinking about it red and black sand beaches where you wish you can laying down there. Not only their sand, but they also will serve you with their beautiful sea creatures and landscapes. Enjoy 6 Major islands and you will get a different experience from each island.

2. Sardinia, Italy

What you get when you heard about Italy’s name? On your mind maybe think that Italy is home for great food with unbelievable architecture. On the other hand, Sardinia offers you a great beach with sea-colored turquoise. There are also available sea caves with white sands you can enjoy. Above all, sitting down in the sands with some seafood will be the best thing to do. The taste of the seafood will brighten up your day because it feels so delicious.

3. Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is the next spot you can choose for your summer. They will serve you with 35 miles long of sandy beaches colored white or a little bit pink. However, this place will be the best destination if you come with your family. Not only enjoy the beach, but you also can visit the resort area and Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center. Enjoy the sunbathing here until the sunset and get a warmer heart as a result.

4. Bora

If you want to spend your summer vacation on the island with great panoramas, then this destination should be perfect. You can do snorkeling and scuba diving here and enjoy the coral reef. Therefore, you can see a lot of beautiful sea creatures. Besides, this is some couple’s dream place to do their honeymoon. Above all, the turquoise water will be the best thing you ever had.

5. Dubai

Who doesn’t know about this big city where almost everything is available there. You don’t need to worry about his famous high temperature. Because there are available an indoor area with many air conditioners. You can enjoy the world’s largest shopping mall or just check in on a 7-star hotel. Above all, you shouldn’t miss attending the Dubai Summer Surprises festival where you can get a big discount. Besides, at that festival also offers you beautiful fireworks and raffles.

There are some best spots for summer vacation we write down for you. So, which one will be your next destination to spend your summer?

Hilton Pensacola Beach

Vacationing At Hilton Pensacola Beach, Reasons Why This Hotel Is A Piece Of Heaven

Hilton Pensacola Beach Hotel is a signature place to stay in Florida. If you want to have a perfect getaway, then this is the right place. Besides, Pensacola Beach right in front of you makes you feel extravagant the moment you arrive. Here are the reasons why this hotel is a sanctuary:

Hilton Pensacola Beach

1. Rooms

Every room here is one of a kind. Not only stylish but also comfortable because of the scenic view. Besides, you will see water and sandy beach from every direction. Moreover, they have a three-bedroom corner suite with open water right after you slide a door.

Meanwhile, they are also having a double queen junior suite Gulf view completed with a bunk bed. Another option is King Deluxe View. Afterward, the best part of all of them is the panoramic view of open water and breezy wind slip into your room. Just open the window and smell the sea.

2. Special Package

This magnificent hotel also provides a special package. In the summer, they have an Endless Summer package with 20% off if you book between Sunday and Thursday. Meanwhile, Winter on The Beach is hard to miss. If you want to experience winter on the beach where the wind is calm, then book between October and February.

In a hotel like this, it is difficult not to feel romantic. Luckily, they have a Romance Package that allows you to have sparkling wine and breakfast in bed. Moreover, late checkout is also part of the program. You and your loving partner will have a memorable romantic time.

3. Wedding at Hilton Pensacola Beach

When you say, “I do”, Hilton Pensacola Beach will embrace that moment with world-class style. While you say the magic word, the Wedding and Specialist Event Manager will assure everything is in place. They organize your florist, baker, menus, and also your guests.

Not only the couple but also their guests will experience an astonishing wedding celebration with the Gulf of Mexico as the background. There are also many other things to do, such as enjoy vibrant arts, cultural scenes, and of course a world-class beach.

4. Dining Experience

This place will never disappoint their guests, especially in terms of dining. Guests will have various options and might be furious because of the variety of food. Not only delicious but also good looking. From sushi to sandwich and salad, not to forget the fresh Margarita and Pina Colada.

5. Meeting Package

Who can deny a business proposal proposed in one of the most beautiful beaches? If you plan to have a meeting here, then you will get 30,000 sqm meeting room. Besides, very professional staff will gladly help you. To seal the deal, the hotel serves delicate menus. Also, the hotel provides audiovisual in the meeting room.

There is no doubt that Hilton Pensacola Beach is a one-stop experience. It is hard to say no to temptation like staying on the beach and be treated like a king. Afterward, they claim that it is their pleasure to serve the guest in one of the world’s most scenic beaches.

Famous Places In Netherland

5 Famous Places In Netherland You Have To Visit

The Netherland or also known as Holland is a country based on kingdom. Although it’s a small country, there are many famous places in Netherland that tourists must visit when they come here. Holland offers many types of attractions for tourists. This country is famous for its tulips, cheese, and windmills. So, when coming to Holland, places related to them is a must.

1. Alkmaar Market

Cheese is one of the most famous foods in Holland. Each year, the Dutch export millions of cheeses to other countries. The cheeses in Holland are delicious and of course fresh. Despite of many cheese markets in Holland, Alkmaar Cheese Market is one of the must-visits one. This evening cheese market is available every Tuesday & Friday in July- August. Thus, the market is also very special. Here, people can see how trading cheese is. Alkmaar is known as one of the famous places in Netherland, therefore, then it is a must to come and visit this market.

2. Keukenhof

The next popular thing in Holland is a tulip. Anyone who hears the word Netherland will automatically remember tulip. Therefore, come and visit Keukenhof. As the largest public garden in Netherland, tourists can see over 700 varieties of tulips. The tulips are available throughout the years. However, the best time to come is in April and May. Because this is when the flowers are at their best view.

3.  Windmills in Rotterdam

Windmills in Rotterdam is one of the famous places in Netherland tourist must-see. Located in the village of Kinderdjik, these windmills are one of the largest in the Netherland. Normally the windmills are used for draining. To see these attractive windmills, tourists must come in April – October.

4. Kasteel De Haar

As a kingdom country, Holland has many historical castles. Located in Utrecht, Kasteel De Haar is one of the largest castles in the Netherlands. The castle is built on a 250-acre land. It was renovated in the 18th century and it still stands strong until today. Meanwhile, inside the castle, the visitor can see collections of arts from the castle. Every part of the castle is worth to see. The most attractive part of the castle is the garden and the gate. So, everything seems like a fairytale.

5. Van Gogh Museum

Those who love art must visit the Van Gogh Museum in the South of Amsterdam. This museum contains many paintings and arts from a famous artist in Amsterdam. With its modern building, the museum itself is an attraction for architecture. For more reference, try to Zaansa Schans or Anne Frank House. As for those interested in science, can visit the NEMO Science Museum

There are many more famous places in Netherland that tourists must visit. But those mentioned five should be on top of your list. Despite that, you might want to go to somewhere else. Therefore, before executing the visit, make an itinerary of places and foods that you want to try. So, have fun and don’t waste your time. Also, make sure to always be careful and take care of your belonging.

Mae Hong Son Tour

Perfect Destinations For Mae Hong Son Tour You Should Visit

Mae Hong Son is a full-colored province in North Thailand. There are many visitors from the whole world.  This town is small but has a lot of exciting places to visit. While in Mae Hong Son tour, you need more time to explore this city.

This city is surrounded by mountains. As a result, Mae Hong Son is a quiet city with fresh air. When morning comes, the mist is cover this place. Visit this city will be an unforgotten experience for you. There are a lot of things to visit in the Mae Hong Son tour.

1. Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu

This place is a temple located in a high place where you can see the Mae Hong Son landmark. Consequently, you need extra energy to reach this place. The temple is equipped with a golden Buddha statue. You can buy some souvenirs at the local market or buy some coffee in a small cafe.

2. Jong Kham Lake

Located in the center of Mang Hae Son, this is the best place to relax and have a small talk with a cup of coffee. Jong Kham Lake has a wonderful view of a mountain as the main aspect. When the mist covering the mountain, your heart will start to warm and feel the peace as a result.

3. Little Good Things

Doing Mae Hong Son tour will make you feel tired. In conclusion, take a break on Little Good Things will be the best choice for you. Little Good Things is a vegan restaurant that offered a cheap price on healthy food. You also can get a few local souvenirs in this cafe.

4. Wat Chong Kham

Wat Chong Kham is the oldest temple on Mae Hong Son located near the Nong Chong Kham river. The temple is very beautiful as a gold temple you can imagine. When the night comes, the temple is covered with so many lights that make it more beautiful.

5. Walking Street Market

The Mae Hong Son is like other Thai towns who have a Walking Street Market. Also, the market is open in a limited time, only from October to February. There are many things you can get in this market. For example, you can get many variants of a portion of Thai food and local handicrafts from that place.

6. Ban Rak Thai

Ban Rak Thai was a beautiful village with many tea plantations. As a result, people called Ban Rak Thai as Mae Aw or a tea-growing village. It builds with a mudbrick located near the lake. In this place, you can have a chance to tasted so many teas with different variants.

7. Mae Hong Son Living Museum

If you go to Mae Hong Son with limited time, you should go to this museum. You can get many things in this place. Your Mae Hong Son trip will be fulfilled and knowing more about local culture, architecture or history of Mae Hong Son as a result.

Mae Hong Son represented North Thailand’s live. In other words, if you doing a Mae Hong Son tour you just like visit all North Thailand. So, now it is your time to take your bag and do some travel.