5 Tips How To Work As A Fashion Editorial Like An Expert

How-To-Work As A Fashion Editorial

Fashion editor has essential roles for a fashion publication. He or she always be included in every process. It starts from setting the topic, selecting the subject, illustration, curating the visual, until reviewing the articles. Seeing those lots of tasks, a fashion editor must have many skills. If you just begin your career in this profession, then you need to read know how to work as a fashion editorial like a pro.

One thing you have to understand about fashion editorials, all photo shows one story. No matter for the model or the other topic, usually for the feature. Thus, a fashion editor must have journalism skill too. Here is another thing about how to work as a fashion editorial to boost your career:

1. Tons of Ideas

Fashion is not only about clothes or branded stuff. It is how you create a story through accessories, makeup, hair-do, skirts, shoes, and those things. A perfect combination must inspire everyone who sees it. You can be strict with your idealism. But when you face fashion, then you must be flexible along with the concept. That is what people call creativity.

2. Up to Date

Fashion industry relates to many aspects. Whether it is a social issue, economic, politic, also religion. You must be the first person who knows the update. Sometimes you cannot continue the plan because on the contrary on what is happening. Follow as many as trusted and important social media for your reference. Thus, read some news, celebrity gossip, stock exchange update, and anything. The more update, the more insight.

3. Empathy

Having this personality is not only good for your social life. It is also able to boost your work. For example, when you are taking a photoshoot in one spot or for special edition. You cannot make a good result if you don’t imagine how people will look at the picture inside the magazine. Or, when you choose the wardrobe for a special theme. Emphasize your feeling into that situation, the people will get the real values as your purpose.

4. Dressing Well

We think that it is a must-do in every profession. But, as the fashion editor, you have to show a great example in dressing. Don’t compare your taste to the other. What makes it so important is you are the role model. Be who you are, keep your closet tidy, and dress as the situation and place needed.

5. Adapt – Quickly!

As we mentioned above that fashion relates to many aspects, it requires you to adapt fast. You will meet various people from different backgrounds. Be flexible, be liquid, be humble, and be friendly. You need to enlarge your connection to boost your career.

Some people start their journey to be a fashion editor as an assistant first. They have simpler responsibilities. But even though you are the junior, it doesn’t mean you cannot prove your professionality. Thus, practice all tips above about how to work as a fashion editorial like an expert. Your office might consider you to be promoted. Sit at a higher level, then be responsible for more things.