Perfect Destinations For Mae Hong Son Tour You Should Visit

Mae Hong Son is a full-colored province in North Thailand. There are many visitors from the whole world.  This town is small but has a lot of exciting places to visit. While in Mae Hong Son tour, you need more time to explore this city.

This city is surrounded by mountains. As a result, Mae Hong Son is a quiet city with fresh air. When morning comes, the mist is cover this place. Visit this city will be an unforgotten experience for you. There are a lot of things to visit in the Mae Hong Son tour.

1. Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu

This place is a temple located in a high place where you can see the Mae Hong Son landmark. Consequently, you need extra energy to reach this place. The temple is equipped with a golden Buddha statue. You can buy some souvenirs at the local market or buy some coffee in a small cafe.

2. Jong Kham Lake

Located in the center of Mang Hae Son, this is the best place to relax and have a small talk with a cup of coffee. Jong Kham Lake has a wonderful view of a mountain as the main aspect. When the mist covering the mountain, your heart will start to warm and feel the peace as a result.

3. Little Good Things

Doing Mae Hong Son tour will make you feel tired. In conclusion, take a break on Little Good Things will be the best choice for you. Little Good Things is a vegan restaurant that offered a cheap price on healthy food. You also can get a few local souvenirs in this cafe.

4. Wat Chong Kham

Wat Chong Kham is the oldest temple on Mae Hong Son located near the Nong Chong Kham river. The temple is very beautiful as a gold temple you can imagine. When the night comes, the temple is covered with so many lights that make it more beautiful.

5. Walking Street Market

The Mae Hong Son is like other Thai towns who have a Walking Street Market. Also, the market is open in a limited time, only from October to February. There are many things you can get in this market. For example, you can get many variants of a portion of Thai food and local handicrafts from that place.

6. Ban Rak Thai

Ban Rak Thai was a beautiful village with many tea plantations. As a result, people called Ban Rak Thai as Mae Aw or a tea-growing village. It builds with a mudbrick located near the lake. In this place, you can have a chance to tasted so many teas with different variants.

7. Mae Hong Son Living Museum

If you go to Mae Hong Son with limited time, you should go to this museum. You can get many things in this place. Your Mae Hong Son trip will be fulfilled and knowing more about local culture, architecture or history of Mae Hong Son as a result.

Mae Hong Son represented North Thailand’s live. In other words, if you doing a Mae Hong Son tour you just like visit all North Thailand. So, now it is your time to take your bag and do some travel.