Oldest Festival in the World that still Exist

A festival does not only attract tourists but it also attracts the local people. Whenever people go traveling, a festival is one of the activities that they must watch. However, it is not only about performance but it is also tradition as well. Some places have festivals as a tradition whether for their religion or their country. The oldest festival in the world is still going on until today.

People do not only celebrate festivals for tradition or religion but also for culture and heritage. People celebrate it at a specific time or also routine. During the festival, people usually meet their whole family, friends, and loved ones. It is one of the moments to gather around and brings happiness and positive vibes to the environment. To know more about it here is the oldest festival in the world:

1. Raksha Bandhan

Hindu is one of the oldest religions on earth. India is a country that most people are religion is Hindu and they have one of the oldest festivals. The festival Raksha Bandhan is a moment to gather the love between siblings. People celebrate it in August, usually on the last day of Shraavana, according to the Hindu Lunar calendar. During this moment, sisters would tie a rakhi on their brother’s wrist. Sisters would pray their bother for happiness and fortune. Brothers would also promise to protect their sister from any harm in the world.

2. The Dragon Boat

Another oldest festival in the world is the dragon boat from China. People celebrate it since 2000 years ago. The dragon boat is held on the fifth month, on the fifth day of the Chinese calendar. This tradition is important because it gives good luck and a happy life to the rest of the year. Not only dragon boats, but people would also eat rice dumpling during the festival

3. Christmas

Christ is the most famous and oldest festival that people know and celebrate. It is the moment of birth of Jesus Christ on 25 December. People would celebrate Christmas with decorating and exchanging gifts. Moreover, at this time people would go to the church to pray. As the following time, people would celebrate the new year also after Christmas.

4. Sterling Renaissance

Another oldest festival in the world is the Sterling Renaissance. It gathers many comedians, jugglers, actors, musicians, illusionists, and other entertainers to perform the crowd. This festival is usually held during the weekend in July and August, during summer school. Kids and elder people would watch and even play together.

5. Diwali Festival

Another Hindu festival that is the Diwali Festival. This festival is the symbol of love and happiness to end the evils. During this moment, people would decorate their houses with flowers and lamps. To show their love and wishes to one they love, people would gift presents of Diwali sweets with dry fruits.

The oldest festival in the world must be preserved. Festivals are important not only it has a great meaning, it also gathers around people together. It could enrich the culture, tradition and the Tribe as well.