artificial intelligence in marketing examples

artificial intelligence in marketing examples

Artificial Intelligence In Marketing Examples To Support Business

Artificial intelligence is a technology that simulates human intelligence. Basically, this intelligence teaches computers to collect data to provide the information that a business wants. This is also an innovation for the business world to develop its business for the better. The following are artificial intelligence in marketing examples that you can do for your business.

1. Search Engine

One example of artificial intelligence in marketing is to use a search engine. Google as one of the leading search engines has a machine learning named RankBrain. The learning aims to process search queries into the results you might be looking for. That is why Google can find out what we are looking for.

Google can provide the most relevant search results because it can recognize the natural language that people use. Therefore, Google can provide high-quality information to optimize the user experience. So that search engines like Google can help in marketing.

2. Dynamic Pricing

Discount has indeed become one of the marketing strategies that are powerful enough to attract the attention of consumers. With a discount, the buyer will get a discount but the buyer’s profit will be minimal. One of the artificial intelligence in marketing examples to overcome this problem is using dynamic pricing.

To carry out this strategy, the seller can set prices according to customer profiles, availability, and requests. For this reason, e-commerce websites rarely have discounts. The reason is that the machine can detect when the buyer needs the item.

3. Chatbots

One example of artificial intelligence in marketing is chatbots. This technology can help in providing services to customers. Especially at this time, many people use social media to do business. So many clients or customers who want to ask about the products you offer.

Therefore you must prioritize service to customers so that people’s trust in the business that we run is getting bigger. With the chatbots, the machine will detect general messages from consumers. And we can provide the appropriate answer without having to type it manually repeatedly.

4. Speech Recognition

One of the artificial intelligence in marketing examples is speech recognition. This technology is one type of bot that can recognize your voice. So some bots like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa provide voice recognition.

The purpose of speech recognition is to make it easier for you and your client to search. Therefore, you don’t need to keep your fingers busy to search. So you only need to record your voice then the bot machine will handle it automatically.

5. Business Forecasting

Running a business is not easy so you can do it without careful planning. This happens because of several factors that affect the course of business both now and in the future. Sometimes the existence of business rivals that are difficult to measure, complex and highly correlated can be an obstacle in business success.

Therefore, you can do business forecasting as the use of artificial intelligence in marketing. This technology has a complex set of inputs that can study business patterns today and in the future. So you can do business with careful preparation.

Those are some parts of the existing artificial intelligence in marketing examples. As a businessman, you must be able to compete to survive in this business world. So you can take advantage of this artificial intelligence to help marketing your business.