best apps builder software

best apps builder software

5 Best Apps Builder Software You Can Try

Building and developing an app needs programming skills and knowledge. Some of them are about the language, the code, platform differences, etc. But those all also need to be supported by a qualified builder software as a tool. So as some references here are the best apps builder software.

1. Android Studio

This software stable release in 2014 after being introduced at Google I/O Conference in 2013. Google is fully supporting Android Studio. To run this software, you need a high specification PC. You need to have a minimum of 3GB RAM and a Core i3 processor. 

As one of the best apps builder software, Android Studio allows you to write, edit, and save your project. Further, you can also access the Android Software Development Kit. By accessing it, you can run the program you build in Android.

2. Xamarin

A developer who uses Xamarin can build a multiplatform application. Xamarin is using C# as the programming language that usually only used to Windows Phone. But this software makes it simpler by enabling only one language for different platforms.

This software can also make the same code programming for different platforms. But you can’t utilize that feature for free. You need to subscribe to the package. There are several packages you can choose. It starts from US$25 per month until US$158 per month.

3. Ionic Framework

HTML5 based, Ionic Framework is a software for developing a mobile app with web technology. By using this software, you don’t need to know about programming language. Just learn how web programming works, it will help you.

Another advantage of the Ionic Framework is that it is open-source software. For the logic implementation, there is Angular that is reported will make it run faster. And for you who like to update about technological development, this is a suitable software. 

A web developer can also use the Ionic Framework to learn about mobile development. It makes it easier for you to build a hybrid app. So, you can build a mobile app by the language that used to a web developer. Nevertheless, the app will be felt like the Native.

There are also complete UI components to help you make a display. And in the documentation page, there is a preview. So you can see the component you have used.

4. Apache Cordova

Started as PhoneGap, this software than released as Apache Cordova. It is using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript as the programming language. As open-source software, there always many developers who will develop Apache Cordova.

The advantage of this software is you can set the app interface easily. You can also simply arrange the icons and the other images in this software.

5. Eclipse

This multiplatform builder software can build a web or desktop-based app. Besides, it can also use to build an android app. Eclipse supports any programming language such as C and Python, with Java as the main language.

This software is more suitable to be used by you who has understood about a program’s concept. It is because the plugins in Eclipse is not too complete. Even though, the process won’t load the system too much.

Those are the 5 best apps builder software you must try. Keep develop new apps with great usability to help people explore the world easier.