best phone applications you might want to try

best phone applications you might want to try

Best Phone Applications You Might Want to Try On Android For Your Kids Entertainment

Since it was launched, Android attracted the market massively. Today most people, like a parent, a student, or even a toddler, use this smartphone. Android with the Google Play Store offers you various useful apps. Not only to communicate, but also to work, learn something new, and find an entertainment. In this article, you will find the best phone applications you might want to try for the kids. It is interesting because as time goes by many app developers concern about children development.

best phone applications you might want to try

The entertainment for kids is not only about the games. All things related to the kids must give them value. Whether education, morals, or anything. The best phone applications you might want to try below are mostly installed by parents. The kids love it too. So, you don’t have to really worry when your kids hold the phone:

1. YouTube Kids

It is a must-have app for every parent. YouTube Kids is different from YouTube as you knew before. The content is very specific for kids. Then, you don’t need to watch your kids all the time while they are seeing YouTube Kids. The contents are about music, educational tips, and short movies.

2. Moose Math

The kids usually love to count. It is funny when listening to their count randomly. Let them practice in a fun way by using the Moose Math app. The visualization is very attractive. There are colorful fruits, smoothies, and everything is in the bar. Let your kids be a chef by completing the receipt. however, your kids will not realize that they are learning math at the same time.

3. Lego City

For every kid who loves Lego after watching the movie, then playing Lego City will be so much fun. It is not a game as you might think. By playing Lego City, your kids’ spatial skill is trained too. Your kids must build up the city, rescue citizens, and capture criminals. Furthermore, they can modify the vehicle, so you can see their creativity.

4. Toca Hair Salon

Let your daughter express her talent. Toca Hair Salon is a virtual playset, so your kids can play style and customize the hairstyles. Your kids will act like the salon owner and serve the customers. It is like doing salon in real life. Coloring, cutting, and curling are just pieces of features.

5. Dr. Seuss Collection

This is the best phone applications you might want to try for your kids. Because this app gives you many children kinds of literature. Full of an imaginative illustration, the language is easy to follow. That what makes Dr. Seuss Collection app is interesting. Furthermore, enjoy voice narration and vocabulary tools in a recording.

Your kids might be bored with the apps. Thus, you have to explore more about the entraining apps for them. Don’t make them use and access the app that they shouldn’t try. Once they are trapped with the not proper app, it will be very difficult to separate them. Finally, find more the best phone applications you might want to try as the time they grow.