best places to work for women in technology

best places to work for women in technology

5 Best Places to Work for Women in Technology This Year

best places to work for women in technology

Generally, workers who work in technology are male. Therefore, not many technology companies have a woman-friendly environment. However, from the many technology companies, there are the best places to work for women in technology.

Many women choose a career in technology nowadays because technology is very rapidly developing. Unfortunately, there are still few places to work for women that make them work comfortably. If you are interested in working in the field of technology, the following are the best companies for you:

1. Ultimate Software

The company has a focus on making cloud-based human resources software. This company is a suitable place for women in the field of technology. Most of the employees in this company are women.

They are spread from new employees to top management. In this company, there are the brand’s Women in Leadership group. This group has a campaign about equality, respect, and the inclusiveness of women who are in the workplace.

2. Intuit

This company provides much well known financial software. They help small businesses and consumers to manage finances better through the software they make. Moreover, the company believes that by having many women employees, they have a diversity of customers.

The company has The Tech Women to empower women who have an interest in technology. In addition, they also encourage women with technological talent to join them. That is why Intuit is one of the best places to work for women in technology.

3. Salesforce

This company is well known for the value of companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion. They assume that with diversity in the company, the company will become more successful. The chief of this company also believes that diversity and inclusion will be able to create new products and markets.

This company has no salary difference between women and men. Moreover, they will try not to have a gender gap in the company. They also have training on a bias to encourage equality in their offices.

4. Accenture

This company is a global management consulting company that 50 percent of the workers are women. They are committed to employing women as their employees by always recruiting, developing and promoting woman employees.

Moreover, they also have coached so that women can reach the executive level and have high achievements. This company wants that the environment is very human. Therefore, they always equalize gender in the workplace.

5. IBM

IBM is a well-known technology company and is one of the companies that prioritize diversity. They believe that diversity can improve the economy of their company. Their ever-winning award as the best company proves this for women in the field of technology.

IBM has attractive company regulations, for example, they offer fee changes for couples that want to adopt children and they allow their employees to pick up school children with flexible time. Especially for nursing mothers, they get services such as sending milk to the home.

Now you know about 5 best places to work for women in technology of this year. The company has regulations and training that support the advancement of women. Hopefully, all technology companies have a friendly environment for women workers.