biggest cities in the world

biggest cities in the world

The Biggest Cities In The World From Asia

biggest cities in the world

As the largest continent in the world, Asia occupies the first position. On this continent, there are more than 40 countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that the population is very large. As the biggest continent, there are the biggest cities in the world in Asia

The population living on the Asian Continent is around 4 billion people. This is more compared to the population in six other continents. This are some cities with the bigger size from the other city around the world

1. Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s capital city is the biggest cities in the world, based on its population. Every day in Tokyo is a busy day. There are more than 38 million inhabitants there. In the 19th Century, Tokyo was known as Edo.

At that time Edo was not the capital of Japan. The capital of Japan was originally in Kyoto, then moved to Edo. Since 1868, the name has changed to Tokyo or the eastern capital. And now Tokyo is known as the biggest city with its technological sophistication.

2. Delhi, India

The 2nd largest city in the world in Delhi, in India. The city has more than 26 million people. The streets in Delhi are very crowded and filled with public transportation, motorcycles, cars, pedestrians, and traders. There are also pedicabs or freight trains pulled by cows.

Many tourists come to this city because they want to find a uniquely Indian cultural experience. In here, there are many traditional snacks. In Delhi, there are also many fortresses of historical heritage, such as Red Fort, friends.

3. Shanghai, China

Although filled with tall buildings, in Shanghai there is still a thick cultural area. The population in Shanghai is more than 24 million. This city is a city that looks very modern. In Shanghai, there is the second tallest tower in the world.

There are also many famous restaurants in the world. However, like other places in China, there is also an old city that contains buildings and shops typical of China.

4. Mumbai, India

Like Tokyo, Mumbai in the past has another name. Its name is Bombay. The Mumbai population is estimated to reach about 21 million people. There is a very famous building, The Gateway of India. This is a monument built on the harbor at the beginning of the 20th century. This city is the center of Indian Bollywood films.

5. Beijing, China

As one of the largest cities in the world, Beijing ranks 5th. There are many famous buildings in here. There are Forbidden Palace, to the Wall of China. This city is indeed most famous for its very thick Chinese traditions. The city is also inhabited by around 21 million residents, friends.

6. Osaka, Japan

Osaka is one of the largest cities in the world. There are around 20 million people live in Osaka. Osaka is also known as the city of merchants in Japan. The natural scenery in Osaka is very typical of Japan.

There are many rivers and flowering trees. The city is also known as the center of culinary tourism in Japan. As the biggest city in Japan, Osaka also has popularity like Tokyo.

Those are some of the list of the biggest cities in the world. A city is indeed a place to live to continue its life. Large or small areas are not a problem. Because it is only a measure of numbers. And the most important thing is being able to gather with your beloved family.