Destinations in the Philippines

Best Destinations in the Philippines to Explore

One of the best countries to visit in Asian is in the Philippines. Not only this country has a great nature to enjoy, but also the cultures are interesting to explore. There are more than 7,000 islands here. Moreover, there are many mountains and tropical places as well. Since there are many beautiful places, visitors might be confused in choosing the best destinations in the Philippines.

The Philippines have great places that would make visitors have a different perspective on Asia. There are many beautiful places that visitors could visit and enjoy with friends, family or even traveling solo. To help visitors to decide on where to, here are the best destinations in the Philippines. The places could be easily reached from Manila and other airports as well.

1. The gorgeous beach in El Nido, Palawan

The first place to visit in the Philippine is the El Nido in Palawan. It is not just a beach, but it has off-shore islands with limestone cliffs. Moreover, it also has secret lagoons and hidden beaches for visitors. To enjoy the blue water and the green hills, visitors need to spend 5-6 hours to reach this place. Even though it might take a quite of time, but the scenery is worth it.

2. The breathtaking Puerto Princesa

One of the best destinations in the Philippine is the Puerto Princesa which is also in Palawan. Visitors must visit the Puerto Princesa Underground River because it is the longest underground river in the Philippine and in the world. Moreover, it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Beside the river, visitors could also enjoy island hopping trips and a tour around the city.

3. Visiting the Vigan historical district

Besides the beautiful nature, visitors could also visit the historic district, the Vigan. Vigan is a combination of Chinese and Spanish culture. There are many things to explore here. Also, there are many spots to sit and enjoy the local culture. Moreover, visitors could enjoy several craftsmen and architecture as well. One of the best spots to enjoy the area is the Bantay Bell Tower.

4. Stopping by in the Capital City, Manila

Manila is one of the best destinations to visit during a trip to the Philippine. It is a city with a non-stop activity in the Philippine. Visitors could try a trip on colorful jeepneys, try the local foods. After that, visitors could also enjoy the Rizal Park, San Agustin Church and the Public Market at Quiapo Church.

5. The unique Sagada

Another best place to visit for visitors is Sagada. Here, visitors could experience a unique trip. There are steep mountains and also high elevations. It would make those who love the outdoor fell in love. There are many hanging coffins that are hidden deep in the mountains, which is one of the main tourists exploring. Moreover, visitors could also hike here with also to Mountain Ampaco and through Echo Valley.

There are many things to explore and enjoy in the Philippine. To reach the best holiday here, visitors could visit these best destinations in the Philippines. For those who have more budgets and more time could add more places to their bucket list. Such as diving in Cebu and take a walk in Baguio.