famous places in netherland

Famous Places In Netherland

5 Famous Places In Netherland You Have To Visit

The Netherland or also known as Holland is a country based on kingdom. Although it’s a small country, there are many famous places in Netherland that tourists must visit when they come here. Holland offers many types of attractions for tourists. This country is famous for its tulips, cheese, and windmills. So, when coming to Holland, places related to them is a must.

1. Alkmaar Market

Cheese is one of the most famous foods in Holland. Each year, the Dutch export millions of cheeses to other countries. The cheeses in Holland are delicious and of course fresh. Despite of many cheese markets in Holland, Alkmaar Cheese Market is one of the must-visits one. This evening cheese market is available every Tuesday & Friday in July- August. Thus, the market is also very special. Here, people can see how trading cheese is. Alkmaar is known as one of the famous places in Netherland, therefore, then it is a must to come and visit this market.

2. Keukenhof

The next popular thing in Holland is a tulip. Anyone who hears the word Netherland will automatically remember tulip. Therefore, come and visit Keukenhof. As the largest public garden in Netherland, tourists can see over 700 varieties of tulips. The tulips are available throughout the years. However, the best time to come is in April and May. Because this is when the flowers are at their best view.

3.  Windmills in Rotterdam

Windmills in Rotterdam is one of the famous places in Netherland tourist must-see. Located in the village of Kinderdjik, these windmills are one of the largest in the Netherland. Normally the windmills are used for draining. To see these attractive windmills, tourists must come in April – October.

4. Kasteel De Haar

As a kingdom country, Holland has many historical castles. Located in Utrecht, Kasteel De Haar is one of the largest castles in the Netherlands. The castle is built on a 250-acre land. It was renovated in the 18th century and it still stands strong until today. Meanwhile, inside the castle, the visitor can see collections of arts from the castle. Every part of the castle is worth to see. The most attractive part of the castle is the garden and the gate. So, everything seems like a fairytale.

5. Van Gogh Museum

Those who love art must visit the Van Gogh Museum in the South of Amsterdam. This museum contains many paintings and arts from a famous artist in Amsterdam. With its modern building, the museum itself is an attraction for architecture. For more reference, try to Zaansa Schans or Anne Frank House. As for those interested in science, can visit the NEMO Science Museum

There are many more famous places in Netherland that tourists must visit. But those mentioned five should be on top of your list. Despite that, you might want to go to somewhere else. Therefore, before executing the visit, make an itinerary of places and foods that you want to try. So, have fun and don’t waste your time. Also, make sure to always be careful and take care of your belonging.