Hilton Pensacola Beach

Hilton Pensacola Beach

Vacationing At Hilton Pensacola Beach, Reasons Why This Hotel Is A Piece Of Heaven

Hilton Pensacola Beach Hotel is a signature place to stay in Florida. If you want to have a perfect getaway, then this is the right place. Besides, Pensacola Beach right in front of you makes you feel extravagant the moment you arrive. Here are the reasons why this hotel is a sanctuary:

Hilton Pensacola Beach

1. Rooms

Every room here is one of a kind. Not only stylish but also comfortable because of the scenic view. Besides, you will see water and sandy beach from every direction. Moreover, they have a three-bedroom corner suite with open water right after you slide a door.

Meanwhile, they are also having a double queen junior suite Gulf view completed with a bunk bed. Another option is King Deluxe View. Afterward, the best part of all of them is the panoramic view of open water and breezy wind slip into your room. Just open the window and smell the sea.

2. Special Package

This magnificent hotel also provides a special package. In the summer, they have an Endless Summer package with 20% off if you book between Sunday and Thursday. Meanwhile, Winter on The Beach is hard to miss. If you want to experience winter on the beach where the wind is calm, then book between October and February.

In a hotel like this, it is difficult not to feel romantic. Luckily, they have a Romance Package that allows you to have sparkling wine and breakfast in bed. Moreover, late checkout is also part of the program. You and your loving partner will have a memorable romantic time.

3. Wedding at Hilton Pensacola Beach

When you say, “I do”, Hilton Pensacola Beach will embrace that moment with world-class style. While you say the magic word, the Wedding and Specialist Event Manager will assure everything is in place. They organize your florist, baker, menus, and also your guests.

Not only the couple but also their guests will experience an astonishing wedding celebration with the Gulf of Mexico as the background. There are also many other things to do, such as enjoy vibrant arts, cultural scenes, and of course a world-class beach.

4. Dining Experience

This place will never disappoint their guests, especially in terms of dining. Guests will have various options and might be furious because of the variety of food. Not only delicious but also good looking. From sushi to sandwich and salad, not to forget the fresh Margarita and Pina Colada.

5. Meeting Package

Who can deny a business proposal proposed in one of the most beautiful beaches? If you plan to have a meeting here, then you will get 30,000 sqm meeting room. Besides, very professional staff will gladly help you. To seal the deal, the hotel serves delicate menus. Also, the hotel provides audiovisual in the meeting room.

There is no doubt that Hilton Pensacola Beach is a one-stop experience. It is hard to say no to temptation like staying on the beach and be treated like a king. Afterward, they claim that it is their pleasure to serve the guest in one of the world’s most scenic beaches.