How To Fix Corrupted SD Card On Android Without Computer

5 Best Methods On How To Fix Corrupted SD Card On Android Without Computer

Corrupted SD cards sometimes make you feel so upset. It is because a lot of important data is certainly stored on it. If you want to repair it, you can read about how to fix corrupted SD card on Android without computer.

Even if you don’t use a computer, you can still repair your SD card. There are many factors that cause your SD card to corrupt. Therefore, you better know why your SD card is unreadable. Here are 5 methods on how to fix corrupted SD card on Android without computer:

1.     Clean Your SD Card

If your SD card is corrupt, the first step you can take is to clean the connector on the SD Card. This way you can also repair the SD card without the need to format it. Remove the SD card from the Android device that you have.

Then, clean the copper plate (yellowish color) which functions as a connector with an eraser or cotton bud. Rub gently until clean. If so, put it back in the gadget and make sure the SD card can work properly

2.     Format SD Card on Android

If after cleaning it’s still an error, try formatting your memory card. The method is you can enter the Settings menu and select Storage. You can scroll down and you will find the SD Card Erase option.

Click the option and wait until the process is complete. Once finished, you can try to access the memory card again. If the storage is empty, the memory card has been successfully formatted.

3.     Check Using Another Android Mobile

You can find out which element is actually corrupted, whether the memory card or memory slot on your cellphone. The trick is to use move your SD card to another Android phone. You can remove your SD card in and insert the memory card in another mobile phone.

Then, your SD card can detect whether your SD card has an error. If there is no error detection, it means that the memory slot on your mobile is having problems. However, if the memory card has an error, it means that your SD card is having problems.

4.     Look At The SD Card Position

A corrupt SD card is annoying, especially if there is a lot of important data in it. But you do not panic, this could happen because the position of your SD card is not right. Try checking the position, whether you have put the memory card properly.

Do not let you install it deviated (tilted) or lifted up. Turn off your android smartphone and install the memory card in the right position. Hopefully, with this easy method, your SD card will be able to run properly.

5.     Do A Factory Reset

If your memory card is corrupted, the problem may be on your Android. Try doing a factory reset so that later all configurations and settings return to the beginning. So, this step is like you just used a new android phone. Open the Settings Menu and click Additional settings.

Select Backup and Reset and click Delete Application Data and Uninstallable Application. This method you can do if your cellphone uses the Android Lollipop v5.1.1 operating system. If you use a Smartphone with a different system, you can adjust the method yourself.

Now you know how to fix corrupted SD card on Android without computer. So, you don’t need to panic if your SD card is corrupt but you don’t have a computer. However, you can still repair your SD card.