how to protect kids on youtube

how to protect kids on youtube

Dear Parents Here’s How To Protect Kids On YouTube You Need To Know

YouTube is a very popular entertainment application because it has lots of interesting videos on it. Therefore, it’s no wonder kids also like watching YouTube. For parents, knowing how to protect kids on YouTube is very important for you to do.

This is because YouTube contains many videos that are not suitable for kids to watch. In addition, it prevents kids from being addicted to watching YouTube. Here are 6 ways you can do on how to protect kids on YouTube:

1. Create A Family Account

The first step you can take to protect your kids on YouTube is to create a family account. This step is very easy and right for you to do the first time.

You can start by registering a new email on your Google account and switching to the YouTube page. When this stage is complete, you can see what videos the kids have watched through the history feature.

2. Learn about the YouTube Help Center

How to protect kids on YouTube is explained in YouTube’s help resources. So, YouTube actually has a safety guide that you can apply for the safety of your kids’ surfing. So, before giving a YouTube account to kids, parents should read and understand YouTube’s help resources first.

3. Make a Playlist

YouTube can be a good learning tool for kids if parents monitor it. So that kids still know the boundary, you can create playlists that can be determined by kids.

So, kids will only be able to choose videos on YouTube that are safe for their age. However, parents also have to always monitor whether this kind of way to protect kids on YouTube is successful or not.

4. Carefully Choosing Videos For Kids

How to protect kids on YouTube does require a good strategy. You, as parents should do this to prevent bad things from happening to your child. So, when your child wants to watch videos on YouTube, make sure you watch them first.

Therefore, you also have to be careful in choosing YouTube videos that are suitable for your child’s age. Also, make sure all videos match the family values that you teach.

5. Providing Education About Privacy

Teach your kids about privacy issues that should not be shared on the internet. In addition, you can also teach the impact that will be received by your child.

Give the understanding that uploading something on the internet also means sharing personal information with strangers. So, you can educate your child about positive and negative content that can affect themself and others.

6. Using YouTube Kids Application

The last way you can apply to protect your child on YouTube is to use the YouTube Kids app. This application tends to be safer because it is specifically designed for kids’ users.

So, the content of this application is only for kids. In addition, in this application, there is a timer feature that restricts your child from watching YouTube.

As a parent, you must understand how to protect kids on YouTube. To avoid kids from things that endanger them, parents should do this. Use the methods mentioned above to protect your child. Try these methods one by one and apply them for the good of your child.