What to do in panama

What to do in panama

Best List On What To Do In Panama You Shouldn’t Miss

Visiting Panama is a matter of pride.  Because not many people are lucky to come to one of the countries in Central America.  Many things you can do in this country. You can explore and do exciting activities in this country. Find out, what to do in Panama, namely:

1. Visit Panama Canal

The first thing to do what to do in Panama is to visit the very famous Panama canal.  The Panama Canal is a canal that connects the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Based on the story that developed that the construction of this canal is very phenomenal, it is suitable to visit the canal which is the inspiration of this Suez canal.  Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture every corner of this canal.

2. Come to the Shopping Center

Countries in the American continent are famous for their shopping centers.  Therefore, if you visit Panama, don’t miss shopping at a shopping center in Panama.

The number of shopping centers that sell various types of merchandise typical of America.  And some of them sell products with authentic American labels.  This certainly gives peace to lovers of brands of products from America.

3. The Typical American Restaurant

What to do in Panama is visiting restaurants in Panama that serve American specialties.  In addition to dining fun, the restaurant has a luxurious architecture typical of American style and instagramable.

After tired of visiting the Panama canal and several shopping centers.  Eating to replenish energy is the right step.  Therefore, it is mandatory to visit several famous restaurants in Panama.  In addition, as a hungry healer can also be a means of science to recognize certain types of food typical of this country.

4. Do Cultural Tours

As one of the countries on the American continent.  Precisely in Central America.  Panama has several cultural tourism destinations.  Recognizing its history until it became the Republic of Panama,  The Republic of Panama was able to stand because of the services of the United States that had liberated it from Colombia.

Based on this history, there are several historic sites in Panama that are cultural tourism.  If you are in Panama, don’t forget to visit these places.  Besides being exciting, it can also increase the knowledge of the history of this country. Especially for those of you who are adventurous.  Exploring these places can treat curiosity.

5. Visiting Interesting Tourist Places In Panama

Do not go home before visiting some of the famous tourist attractions in Panama.  There are many exciting tourist attractions that are a pity to miss. That is one of the best on what to do in Panama.

There are so many exciting tourist attractions in this country.  Besides being cool, it’s also classy.  That is because not everyone can visit Panama.  Therefore, visiting tourist attractions in this country is one of the prestige for some people.

That’s the thing to do what to do in Panama.  Exploring the country is much better than just staying quiet when visiting this country.  Recognizing and exploring this country is one way to treat curiosity for those who are adventurous.