Worst Education System In The World, Which is Very Sad

Education is a very important aspect of everyone’s life. This education is the only wealth and the most powerful weapon a person can have to face the real battlefield of life. The following are some of the worst education system in the world.

1. Burkina Faso

The first in the list of the worst education system in the world is Burkina Faso. Unfortunately, children living in this country are not as fortunate as others who have been raised in developed countries with a higher education system. They rarely continue their education and most of them only reach grades 6 or 7 and then stop, the UN reports.

Even more heartbreaking, only less than 50 percent of adults in the country are literate, while the rest cannot even read and write. Fortunately, the government is trying to overcome this problem by making several programs to create change and make improvements in the education sector.

2. Central African Republic

The Central African Republic government is the only one to blame for the country’s poor education system. In fact, the government takes all the responsibility because it does not have sufficient resources for the education system.

The government has completely ignored it, which in turn has caused many other serious problems. Many schools are closed forever, students do not even have basic materials such as books, and teachers are not paid for their efforts.

Therefore, teachers stop doing their work and students stop attending. It is hoped that the Central African government will take some serious steps and fix this problem. Nothing else to save the future of many children who deserve to have a better life.

The government of the Central African Republic has not done much to build resources, one of which is in the framework of managing the education system. This caused several schools to close.

And more worrying, the lack of school equipment such as stationery, books, and teachers who teach do not receive wages. Making education levels very low.

3. Sierra Leone

No wonder why these countries are not developing and strong. Education is the key to success and strength and as long as several countries continue to ignore this important sector, they will always be behind.

Sierra Leone knows a remarkable increase in illiteracy. Many of them choose to drop out of school. Children in this country spend no more than three years in school because half of them end up dropping out of school.

Children go to temporary schools, more than half of them eventually drop out of school. The average Sierra Leone child spends only 3 years in school. Because of the high dropout rate, Sierra Leone has a high level of illiteracy.

4. Burma

Burma has many problems and among them is education. Children in Burma rarely go to school and this is because their parents are barely able to make a living and cannot meet the registration fees imposed by the government.

Therefore, poverty is one of the biggest obstacles and of course. Do not forget to mention the restrictions on unfair access. That has been set by Burma for some ethnic minority groups. Sadly, many children end up dropping out of school in grade 5.

Conflicts that occur in Burma, make the education system in Burma inefficient. Increasing poverty in Burma, as a result, children are very difficult to continue school.

Budget cuts provided by the government have caused registration fees which require parents to pay substantially many times over. Burma has restricted access to education for many ethnic minority groups in the country.

Those are some of the countries with the worst education system in the world. Deserve to be sympathetic to these countries. Many children want to get opportunities for proper education.